Dangerous Diva

DangerousShe has a mean walk and has great sex appeal. She is of a mixed heritage and has men fantasizing of Her often. She is a good looking Woman and definitely knows it. There is something about Her that makes Her stand out, whether it’s the long hair, the sexy legs or maybe that devilish smile that can stop traffic if need be, either way, She definitely has ‘it’ and has an even greater power in that She has a dominant personality.

She lives in the city but was born elsewhere. Rumors have floated about where She is originally from, but She likes to keep it a mystery, plus, She doesn’t want anyone in Her business. The less they know about Her, the better. She is, what we call, a hustler. No one knows exactly what She does, they just know that She wears all the top designers and even has custom clothes made specifically for Her. She drives a luxury vehicle and makes sure no one knows where She rests Her pretty head. Continue reading “Dangerous Diva”


Can I Really Stand It? (Conclusion)

Can ICan I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 2)

I am resting, barely, when She makes Her return to her little ‘terrordome’ that She has placed me in. I am excited by Her appearance but I am afraid of Her lust! She knows this all too well. I feel Her feeling me. She has experienced all that I am experiencing, for She was once a willing victim to Her own Master. She touches my body. That touch can make me do anything for this young beauty. ANYTHING! She loves the expressions I give Her when I am at Her mercy! She smiles once again with the knowledge that more torment is about to come my way. Continue reading “Can I Really Stand It? (Conclusion)”

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 2)

CanCan I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

She blindfolds me and ties my hands above my head. She grabs my naked organ and stretches it beyond the limits my dick is supposed to be expanded. I grimace. She pinches my balls with the intensity of a kid who is plucking the wings off an ugly bug. I dare not make a sound. See, Her thing is, if I make a sound, She punishes me more. But, I always lose. She will make certain She causes the discomfort to make me wince out in pain. I finally give in to Her destruction and grunt. You know what that means. Continue reading “Can I Really Stand It? (Part 2)”

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

happenAs I followed Her to the dungeon, She slyly looks back at me promising with Her eyes, the torture I’m about to endure at Her hands. She looked absolutely stunning in Her 5 inch high heel boots, perfectly manicured nails, pretty, long hair and just the most magnificent face imaginable! But with that look in Her eyes, I just knew that innocent look wouldn’t excuse the evilness lurking inside Her mind!!!  Continue reading “Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)”

Missed Opportunities…..

OpportunitiesWhat’s funny about this post is that i JUST RECENTLY did the same thing. Well, it was a different opportunity, but, same mindset. Being too overly cautious. I originally wrote this on December 31, 2008. The current missed opportunity borders along the same lines, but, an entirely different scenario. Actually, it was a decision that i felt would be beneficial long term but, knowing what i know now, i should have thought short term. The short term benefits would have made a GREAT time. i would have had more fun, more action and probably more to write about!  Continue reading “Missed Opportunities…..”


EmptinessWhat’s worse than feeling lonely? In my opinion, emptiness is something that digs deeper in your soul. You can be lonely and still be fine. There are many people who are ok with being lonely. I know people who aren’t lonely but have emptiness.
  1. 1.
    the state of containing nothing.
    “the vast emptiness of space”

    Continue reading “Emptiness….”