How Did This Happen? (Part 1)

How Did It Happen?Let me start by introducing myself. My name is chucky. I’m a pretty good looking guy and I’ve been told that I’m attractive. But that’s not the basis for this story. This may sound bizarre for some, but now that it’s more socially acceptable, I am not afraid to tell my story. I am a slave. That’s right, a slave. Not slave in a racial or historical sense, but in an alternative lifestyle sense. This is how it all started!

I was seeing a young lady by the name of Tonya. She was one of the sexiest women I have ever seen!! About 5’5″, 125, smooth, sexy legs. A dancer’s body. And that walk!!! If I could describe Her walk….., but, anyway. We hooked up at a small neighborhood bar. I noticed Her smile and I thought to myself, what’s the worst that can happen? If She’s not interested in me, then I just continue on my merry way! I caught Her attention quickly and I motioned to Her that I wanted to come over. She flashed me that smile and I knew that it was a plan! I walked over to Her and introduced myself and She did the same and we had a very nice conversation.

We were there for about 45 minutes and I noticed that She looked uneasy at one point. I asked Her if anything was wrong and She says no, She’s fine. So I continued my flow. After another 10 minutes, She had a nervous grin. I said to Her if She didn’t feel comfortable talking to me, I would leave Her alone. She smiled and said that wasn’t it. She stated that I seemed like a nice man and She would love to get to know me better. Then, of course, She said the dreaded word… BUT. I started to look down and asked Her, ‘What is it?’ She said that as a Woman who likes to explore Her inner feelings, She has scared off many men and She’s afraid She’ll do the same with me. I smiled and said, ‘I am a very adventurous man, what could you possibly say that would turn me off?’ She says nothing and I’m preparing for the worst. So I asked Her if she was a devil worshiper. She laughed and said, ‘Don’t be ridiculous!’ So then I asked what was it? She made me promise that if She told me I would have to have an open mind. I said I can handle that. Then She says that if She tells me and I agree to continue to want to see Her, that I must accept what it is that She does with a man. I say, ‘That’s fair.’ She also told me that once I make a verbal commitment, I must honor my word and trust Her in every thing we may do. I said okay. She says She will give me one opportunity to make a decision and based on that decision, we can either move forward or go our separate ways. As I got anxious, I agreed to all Her terms. She says, “I’m a Dominant Female!” I looked at Her with amazement and couldn’t close my mouth! I asked Her if She was serious. She looked at me with disappointment and said She knew I wouldn’t like what She had said. I laughed and chuckled. She got a little upset and said I didn’t have to laugh at Her. I told Her She misunderstood my amusement. She asked me to explain. I then told Her that She was the Woman of my dreams!! She said, ‘How so?’ I answered, “I’m submissive!” She gave me a devilish smile and we continued our conversation and decided to exchange numbers and speak the next day (which was a Saturday).

To be continued…..


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