How Did This Happen? (Part 2)

HowHow Did This Happen? (Part 1)

That was our initial meeting. This is our first experience together: After exchanging fantasies for several days, we decide to finally see if the other was as serious as we both admitted. She invited me to Her place and instructed me to bring Her flowers and an open mind. I told Her okay and I was on my way. Although we had never stated if either one of us has tried it, I wouldn’t and couldn’t tell Her that this would be my first encounter. I was under the impression that this was also Her first experience with Domination.

I arrived at Her place and quickly rang Her intercom. She answered with the most sensuous voice I had ever heard! She told me that the door would be opened and I was to place the flowers in the vase on the table next to the door. She then told me to disrobe myself and get on my hands and knees and await for my Goddess’ arrival. I am to wait and stare straight ahead until I am instructed otherwise. Any disobedience to these first set of rules will lead to immediate discipline. I choked and stated I will do so. She then asked me one last time if I was ready. I said with the utmost confidence, “YES! I am ready!” She stated, “NO, you’re not, but come up and follow My instructions and remember, trust Me in all that I do!” I agreed and walked up to Her apartment. I opened the door and the scent of the place was extremely exotic. I looked for the vase and proceeded to put the flowers in its proper place. I then turned around to admire the beauty of the apartment and continued to stare at some of the obscure paintings on the wall. I got lost in the aura for a couple of seconds and then remembered that I had to take off my clothes. I took off everything and for the first time in my adult life, I felt uncomfortable with my body. Just the thought of being in a position of servitude while I’m nude kinda had me thinking mixed thoughts. Of course I wanted to be with Tonya, but did I really make the right decision? I will soon find out!

As I got on my hands and knees, I got nervous. What was She planning to do? Would She take long to see if I would follow Her instructions? For whatever reason, I did not want to move an inch. As I awaited Her arrival, I started to sweat. Now my arms were starting to hurt. And, of course, I had an itch! As I stared straight ahead, I then wondered, would She sneak up behind me and spank me? Would She come in and step on me? I thought every imaginable thought and got real excited and started fantasizing right away! In fact, I was fantasizing so much that I hadn’t noticed Tonya’s entrance. She looked beautiful!!! She was wearing thigh high boots, a leather bra, no panties and a whip dangling from one of her long sleeved gloves. I was in heaven!

She looked at me and smiled a wicked smile. She says welcome to Her palace. I continued to stare at Her beauty and didn’t dare say a word. She then kneeled down in front of me. She said in a sexual tone, “My slave, You are guilty of disobeying two of My instructions. You will be disciplined for each infraction!” I looked up in amazement and with a puzzled look, asked what I had done wrong? She slapped me and said that I was never given permission to speak so now I have three sets of discipline on the agenda. I really became nervous. I’m thinking to myself, what is She talking about? Why is She doing this to me already? She smiled and asked me what my instructions were. I hesitated to speak and She raised Her hand once again and slapped me and chastised me for not answering Her quickly enough. I then spoke and told Her exactly what She had said over the intercom. She smiled and said I did not follow Her exact instructions. I looked at Her puzzled. She said that She watched me when I arrived and that I didn’t immediately remove my clothes. I stopped and look at some paintings and then marveled at Her nicely furnished home. THAT was mistake number one! For that I had earned a hard spanking. I swallowed and looked up in fear and wondered what the second infraction was. She knew what I was thinking. She says the second mistake I made was staring at her. I thought to myself that She didn’t say I couldn’t look at Her. She then yelled (as if She had read my mind!) and said that She told me to STARE straight ahead and that I had looked at Her instead of obeying Her commands. “And for that little fuck-up, I have decided to make you sit under Me for as long as I please and if You make one little sound or grunt, I will tie your little dick up and whip those balls until you cry!!” I seriously had knots in my stomach at this time. What have I gotten myself into? How long will this Goddess keep me here. She then smiled and says She hasn’t decided what my third punishment would be, but depending on how my behavior was that evening, She may pardon me.

To be continued….


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