How Did This Happen? (Conclusion)


How Did This Happen? (Part 1)

How Did This Happen? (Part 2)

She then told me to stay at the position that I was in. She left the room and went to play some music. This scared me. Was She turning up the music so no one could hear me scream? What was She up to? She came back and asked me if I thought She would be this stern? I quickly answered no and left it at that. She smiled and said that She is a sadist. That scared me. She said She enjoyed seeing a man in intense pain. She only gets wet when seeing a man beg for mercy. She can only become horny when seeing a man in torment because of Her. She asked me if I wanted to leave. She quickly stated to answer the question correctly for this is the MOST important decision in my young life. I didn’t hesitate! I quickly said I will stay for as long as She wanted me to. She smiled and said, “Good Answer!”

She brought me into another room. My eyes lit up! I was actually in a make shift dungeon, complete with whips, floggers, rope, nipple clamps and basically all the basic tools of the domination trade. I looked at Her with astonishment! She said, “Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you that I am a professional Dominatrix?” My heart dropped. I was in some deep shit here! She sarcastically pointed out to me that She has been doing this for several years now and has done basically everything that I could only dream of. She says She knows how to make a man cry by just looking at him. She can whip a man without bruising him. She can make a man do the most bizarre things with no hesitation. Was I worried? HELL YEAH I was worried!! But then She said something to comfort me. She stated that She has always wanted her own personal slave for Her private use. She said that She wouldn’t be that harsh with me, at first. She also says that I would actually get the pleasure of pleasing Her in a sexual manner, although not the way I am use to doing it. She assured me that I was safe as long as I did what I was instructed to do. Although She enjoys inflicting pain, She can also be sensuous. She says She is very demanding, but very loving. There will be nights when I will feel Her wrath, but there will also be nights were She will reveal her softness.

She asks me if I fully understood where She was coming from, I nodded my head. She slaps me and says, “I expect a verbal answer whenever I speak to you!” I then said, “Yes, I understand.” She then tells me that She is very discreet with Her dominance, but if I ever do anything in public that She doesn’t like, I will pay dearly for it once we are in a private setting. She tells me She will make out a list of rules and punishments for me to follow and memorize. As long as I am with Her, I am nothing but Her slave. No equality at any time. She also stated that She has a few dominant friends and They sometimes have parties for and among Themselves and I will respect Them as if They were my Mistress, but never ever serve another unless She instructs me to! I once again acknowledged Her rules and quickly told I am Hers for Her personal use only. She smiled and said let’s discipline you for those naughty errors upon your arrival.

I then got those feelings in my stomach and awaited my fate. But I tell you, I am the happiest man alive today and will be Tonya’s slave forever, if I can help it.


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