The Need To Be Taken

The NeedIs it too much to ask to find someone compatible with my needs?

Will i ever fulfill the dreams and goals that’s been crossing my mind for many years now in order to satisfy my urge to please?

Can i find someone who has an equal and/or greater thirst for me than i have for Her?

May i get the chance to motivate Her to engulf me into Her world for Her pleasure?

Does She have the desire to take me beyond the fears and insecurities i have in order to succumb to Her entirely?

Will She bring me so deep into Her world that i don’t ever want to come back to mine?

Can She look at me as if i am a hearty meal and She is practically starving and ready to devour me as a meal?

May i worship Her and anything She stands for just because it’s Her?

Will She be frightened with my thoughts on having Her take complete control?

Will She allow my mistakes, as long as i don’t repeat them, to be used against me in my efforts to please?

Can i get Her to accept me as i am in hopes that She can mold me into more of what She wants?

Would i be willing to change who i am so i can fit into who She wants me to be?

Will She take my efforts to please Her at all costs and use it against me and then claim i haven’t tried hard enough?

Does She recognize the changes i’ve gone through because i listened to EVERYTHING She said and complied?

Is there a chance that someone can steal Her away from me as i attempt to become Hers?

Will i fail in my efforts or is it just a waste of time pursuing a goal with The Need To Be Taken…..




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