The Awakening

AwakeningLife is all about choices. Some do you good, others take you off the direction of where you feel you’re supposed to go. There is a choice to make.

The intricacies of unfulfilled fantasies starts to take its toll on a creative mind. The prospects of engaging in challenging scenarios makes anything else seem mundane. The passing thoughts of the day tends to border on extreme play based on not playing much (or at all). The mindset of actually creating that explicit scene dwells on how far the imagination can take you. And, trust, one has been taken beyond the thoughts of insanity, only because, well, there’s a creative template on the soul.

Attending fetish events and watching joyous, happy and satisfied people participating in scenes, makes a mind a tad jealous. Not necessarily because of the type of play being done. Just that there isn’t anything transpiring in the way that’s been anticipated. The way it should be. i mean, after all, shouldn’t one enjoy one’s self in a ‘world’ that allows us to do so?

Being fearful of one’s own thoughts may be common in those whose brain encompasses images of an extreme nature. Some may call those crazy, i like to call them prolific. ‘The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.’ But, with me, the darker the thought, the more i would like to engage with you. Even if it’s not on my level. I still fear fear. It’s not so much of wanting to be hurt, it’s wanting to be consumed by the One doing the consuming.

Maybe the soul is tortured and one wants to even it out with torture of the flesh. Most definitely torture of the mind and emotion.

Sometimes the flower blooms much later than expected, through no faults of its own. Or so we think.

Either way, when the soul needs awakening, the call MUST be answered…..


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