The Origin

The Starti named this blog, ‘The Need To Be Taken’ because Miss Eve didn’t like the first title i used. After trying to figure out what to call it, i decided to go with my very first blog title.

i went back to the blog to see what i had written and then i realized that i started that blog December 19, 2008!

i decided to repost that very first entry and will probably repost other articles as well. If nothing, to see how my mindset has changed over the years. Or, if i have gotten closer to fulfilling my fantasy as far as being owned….


So here i am

A bottom with over 13 years of real time experience serving Superior Ladies (Or those Who are paid to act Superior) either at a commercial dungeon or in Their home. my journey for now is to find a Woman or Women Who will help me get my pain tolerance up to a height i’ve never been to before. To serve a Woman Who delights in seeing me at Her mercy, no matter the situation. A Woman Who gets off knowing that i am suffering for Her, serving Her in the way She deserves and desires. A Woman Who is fun, yet, demanding or at least rigorous in Her Dominance with me.

i’ve learned so much over the years, yet, i yearn for so much more…. i will continue to place my thoughts here…. thanks Miss Susie for the inspiration!

Author’s note: i still kinda feel the same way…..

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