Missed Opportunities…..

OpportunitiesWhat’s funny about this post is that i JUST RECENTLY did the same thing. Well, it was a different opportunity, but, same mindset. Being too overly cautious. I originally wrote this on December 31, 2008. The current missed opportunity borders along the same lines, but, an entirely different scenario. Actually, it was a decision that i felt would be beneficial long term but, knowing what i know now, i should have thought short term. The short term benefits would have made a GREAT time. i would have had more fun, more action and probably more to write about! 

Missed Opportunities….

(Originally written December 31, 2008)

So, i find out today that i royally screwed up a great opportunity by being too cautious. i did the exact opposite of what i wanted to do because i gave too much thought to it as opposed to doing what i should have done. Don’t you hate when that happens? I was given something on a silver, no, gold platter and because of nervousness, i bungled it. i didn’t want to be too forward for fear that i would be looked upon as being too pushy, yet, i played the wrong role at the wrong time and i wish i could go back to that night and get a do-over.

NEVER AGAIN! The timing couldn’t have been sooner! A new year starts in less than 24 hours of this writing and my main objective is to not think and just do and worry later! Instincts will take over thinking! i VOW that from now on, as of this writing, i will go with the flow!

And to the Woman Who i messed up this opportunity with, i only hope that i be given the chance to prove that You made the right choice and i promise you that it will be twice, no, three times better than it would have been, than it was! When i get that chance again, TRUST ME, i will NOT disappoint, i will meet all and every expectation!!!!

This is a new year!!!!!

Author’s note: When i read this, it was like Déjà vu….. i made a statement earlier today stating i will not think long term anymore, it’s all about short term benefits….. It’s amazing how history repeats itself.
This time, it’s all about how i’ll feel in the morning as opposed to how i will feel in the future….

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