Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

happenAs I followed Her to the dungeon, She slyly looks back at me promising with Her eyes, the torture I’m about to endure at Her hands. She looked absolutely stunning in Her 5 inch high heel boots, perfectly manicured nails, pretty, long hair and just the most magnificent face imaginable! But with that look in Her eyes, I just knew that innocent look wouldn’t excuse the evilness lurking inside Her mind!!! 

She gives me the look to quickly disrobe and I do not hesitate because it will only get worse as the night goes on. She enjoys the night because that is when most trouble occur. I take off my last piece of article and quietly kneeled in front of Her. She smiles and quickly slaps my face as hard as She could. My head jerks back and She times it correctly so when my head gets back to a stationery position, She can back slap me and make me feel twice the pain. This was only the beginning! She grins at me. You have to understand, She is a true sadist. She can’t get pleasure from someone just following Her orders or showering Her with gifts. No. She enjoys giving pain. If someone offered to buy Her a castle and give Her millions of dollars to spend as She chooses, She would quickly turn it down. No, money and gifts don’t excite Her. But offer Her your mind, soul and definitely, your body, She’s in heaven!

She loves to torment a man. If She could realistically whip a man for twelve hours straight, She would do it!! If you could see the sadistic look in Her eyes when a man screams for mercy, you would understand. The coldness of Her expressions turns me on so much, that I had to offer my body and complete willingness to Her. I would never last a full weekend with Her, but I was always willing. She thrives on the pain She gives out! Seeing a man in pain doesn’t do it for Her. Her making that man go through the pain She causes, gives Her the rush that She needs to perform Her sadistic act. But I honestly love Her!!!!!

I want to experience every type of pain there is as long as She is doing it to me. But, back to the matter at hand!

After Her quick slaps, She doesn’t even flinch, She’s not even warm yet. Her warm ups are another Dominant’s show. She smacks my ass to the tune of Her own drums. Right now my ass is burning as if She lit a thousand matches under me. But it didn’t matter. For I knew that if I had it this easy, I would look elsewhere. I am also a masochist. Yes, beat me, whip me, torture me but don’t neglect me, for I need the attention, albeit Your evilness. She then puts on Her long rubber gloves. What’s wonderful about this beautiful woman, is, Her ability to make me expect the unexpected. She winks at me, to signify that the fun is about to begin!

To be continued…..


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