Can I Really Stand It? (Part 2)

CanCan I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

She blindfolds me and ties my hands above my head. She grabs my naked organ and stretches it beyond the limits my dick is supposed to be expanded. I grimace. She pinches my balls with the intensity of a kid who is plucking the wings off an ugly bug. I dare not make a sound. See, Her thing is, if I make a sound, She punishes me more. But, I always lose. She will make certain She causes the discomfort to make me wince out in pain. I finally give in to Her destruction and grunt. You know what that means.

She looks at me with a look of disapproval, yet, satisfaction, that I had eventually given in. She takes a cat-o-nine’s tail and uses it squarely on my lower back, causing me to shudder with pain. She continues Her onslaught with more than 15 strokes, or at least that’s where I lost count. She then approves of Her artwork as She examines my back and smiles. Of course She has to do something that is confrontational. She kisses me on the lips suddenly and I don’t react fast enough to Her affection and She stops and yells at me for that infraction. I look Her squarely in the eyes and as expected, apologized. She looks at me with a hint of disappointment and spits in my face. Then She says I must suffer for not showing enough remorse for my action. As the saliva from Her beautiful lips rolled down my face, She conjures up another glob of drool and again spits it in my face, but this time, fully in my mouth. I can only accept what She has done and expect the worst of my torture to continue. She then lets me taste Her saliva in my mouth and then She commands me to lick the earlier saliva from my cheeks. She goes in another room to get another set of tools to sustain my punishment.

As She returns, I shiver with the thought of the actual ritual that is about to be displayed. She yawned, which is never a good sign, for that shows signs of boredom. When She is truly bored, the evilness lurks in even easier.

She circles me like a lioness circles Her prey. She stops, turns, anticipating me anticipating Her. She makes a quick turn, then does ….nothing. My heart is beating faster than the Roadrunner eluding the Coyote. Sweat is pouring down my forehead like a rushing waterfall. This excites Her. It’s like She’s playing with her food. She turns and without warning, lashes out with a bullwhip the size of an actual bull!!! The pain intensifies as She continues lash after lash after blow after blow. I can feel Her moistness coming through. She isn’t even half way finished yet. The sadist has finally struck!!!!

She turns me around and slaps my face several times then turns up that sadistic laugh. She grabs a wooden paddle, this doesn’t look good folks!! She swings it so close to my ass that I tremble. This brings enjoyment from Her face. She loves seeing the fear that I am showing Her in this time of Her recklessness. She sizes Her target, then after one big swing, She lets go a fury of blows that connect perfectly on my round, once, beautiful ass. My butt feels like there is no skin there anymore. That feeling is not very pleasant. But, believe it or not, I am taking this because my Mistress is worth it. I will walk through fire for Her and then swim in a vat of alcohol, just to prove my devotion to Her. She knows this and always treats me like I’m a new victim that has never experienced Her torment. And every moment it feels like a new Mistress, actually, just a new experience because I never know what to expect from Her tyrant ways.

She gives me the look of satisfaction, but there is never any real satisfaction when dealing with Her. But it is definitely a feeling that we both, as a true Sadist and a true masochist, enjoy when we are enjoying each other’s company. Disappointment is one adjective I would never want Her to use when describing our experiences together. I know that She truly relishes torturing me, but not as much as me enjoying Her satanic passions.

To be continued….


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