Can I Really Stand It? (Conclusion)

Can ICan I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 2)

I am resting, barely, when She makes Her return to her little ‘terrordome’ that She has placed me in. I am excited by Her appearance but I am afraid of Her lust! She knows this all too well. I feel Her feeling me. She has experienced all that I am experiencing, for She was once a willing victim to Her own Master. She touches my body. That touch can make me do anything for this young beauty. ANYTHING! She loves the expressions I give Her when I am at Her mercy! She smiles once again with the knowledge that more torment is about to come my way.

She lets go, signaling to me to prepare my body for Her pleasure. But we both know that that is physically impossible when dealing with Her. She has a flogger in hand, and my bare back at Her disposal. Am I ready? Of course not, but that’s when She loves to strike! And, She does. I’m quivering for my Goddess! I feel the wrath of a Woman. I have had many fights with powerful, strong men growing up, but none of those encounters have prepared me for this ultimate battle. But how can it be a battle when I will always lose, you say. Ahh, contrary to popular belief, whenever the two of us ‘lock horns’, it is always a battle. A battle of mental strength! Yes, She causes me much pain, but the physical is easy to scar! Her goal is to scar my mental! If I let Her ‘beat’ me mentally, She will ‘own’ me, so to speak. But the challenge would end and we both have more fun pushing each other to accept more than previously! It always end in a tie, so the relationship gets stronger and we continue to see each other and it’s all for the best!! I will always challenge Her to hurt me even more than She thinks I can handle. My thoughts are, ‘How can I let a Woman, let alone a beautiful one, hurt me?” Nah, that will never happen, sure She’ll make me cry, but the tears are just acknowledging that I am human but I cry for you as well as for myself!! Does that make sense? Think about it!!!

As the pain starts to subside, She unleashes another piercing blow to my buttocks. By the time this Woman finishes, how can I sit down? She senses the agony my body is feeling and She is getting that satisfying look in Her eyes again!! Does that mean my torture is about to end? Of course not, but She is a loving person and sees to it that I am in good mental health. Once She realizes that I am, She turns the ‘heat’ up, so to speak! She swings Her flogger in many directions when landing on my body, not really caring where it lands, so as long as it lands!! The blows that don’t connect hurt just as much as the ones that do, because I know She will make up for the ones that miss!! So that’s more punishment for me to endure.

She stops, but only momentarily, to catch Her breath. But this Woman is quick, by the time I try to catch my breath, She’s unleashing a new reign of terror on my body! She brings out Her cat-o-nine tail and relinquishes the pain that is anticipated when using this instrument. It cuts into my skin and I know She loves the evidence of destruction it is leaving on me. She stops once again to observe Her ‘artwork’. The torment is almost over. She looks like She is weakening in Her pursuit in abusing me.

She unties me to lay me across Her lap. She smiles at the marks left on my bottom and then caresses it and start to spank me with Her bare hand. This has me jumping in Her lap. She’s enjoying it so much that She doesn’t even notice the tears rolling down my once proud, but now pitiful, face. When She notices this, Her job is done! She stops immediately and orders me to kiss Her feet. I comply, stand up and await further instructions. She nods Her head in approval, then gives me a soft hug. A soft hug? Well, as hard as this woman is, She is still a woman! This officially ends my descent into Her chamber of horror. I will enter here whenever She is willing to lead me to that path, but for the time being, I will thank Her and recover from whatever abuse I endured at the hands of this wonderful Sadist!! I have survived and now I will envision the next encounter where I hope she takes me to yet another level of submission!!



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