Dangerous Diva

DangerousShe has a mean walk and has great sex appeal. She is of a mixed heritage and has men fantasizing of Her often. She is a good looking Woman and definitely knows it. There is something about Her that makes Her stand out, whether it’s the long hair, the sexy legs or maybe that devilish smile that can stop traffic if need be, either way, She definitely has ‘it’ and has an even greater power in that She has a dominant personality.

She lives in the city but was born elsewhere. Rumors have floated about where She is originally from, but She likes to keep it a mystery, plus, She doesn’t want anyone in Her business. The less they know about Her, the better. She is, what we call, a hustler. No one knows exactly what She does, they just know that She wears all the top designers and even has custom clothes made specifically for Her. She drives a luxury vehicle and makes sure no one knows where She rests Her pretty head.

As you may suspect, men are constantly trying to date Her, be with Her, but She has no particular interest in them, very few, if any, impress Her. It’s been rumored She may even like girls, but there has been no evidence to suggest Her preference but, there are men wishing they could be Hers.

What people don’t know is that She does have someone in Her life who is close to Her, but no one will ever know. She is sure of that and so is he. As that is the rule She has in place. If anyone knows of his existence in Her life, She will banish him forever and he will never take that chance. He adores Her, worships Her and thinks of Her every waking minute of the day, even when he is sleeping, She is on his mind. He just might be the luckiest man in the world, in theory.

Who is this lucky guy? Well, let’s just say that he has a title, She doesn’t even acknowledge his name. In fact, he isn’t even looked at as nothing but Her property. She owns him. Nothing more, nothing less…. Ownership is what She has. She owns Her car, She owns Her place, She owns Her jewelry and She also owns him.

The only thing on his mind is what is on Her mind. How he can please Her, how he can make Her happy, how he can be of use. She is superior to him in every way imaginable and She shows it at every moment She gets the chance to. She instructs him that he cannot speak unless spoken to. He is not allowed to look at Her unless She is speaking to Her and/or giving him an order. He must greet Her on his hands and knees, unless otherwise instructed. She enjoys putting a collar on him and leading him around on a leash.

He is Her maid, servant and cook. He is given daily chores and duties based on Her needs and wants. He must follow ALL orders or risk swift and extreme punishment. And She enjoys punishing him and at times, She punishes him just because She is in the mood to.

He is also Her boy toy when She is in the mood. He is to lick on command, massage where needed. His only purpose is to please Her in any and every way She wants and imagines. If he doesn’t please Her, She will torture him until he gets it right. She also enjoys seeing him in pain. He is not to do anything unless instructed and cannot leave until She dismisses him.

She is in total control and She enjoys it immensely and loves seeing him on his knees, suffering for Her pleasure…. And no matter what She does, how bad She hurts him, how harsh She treats him, he would have it no other way…..


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