Being Auctioned Off

Originally posted JANUARY 5, 2009

If i had time to live out my many diverse intense fantasies, then i would die a happy man. Well, one of the ways i would die would be at the hands of a Domme. But there is one particular fantasy that lingers in my mind and it would be fulfilling yet intriguing to have it happen. To be in a room or a stage or any place where Dommes would gather for the express purpose of obtaining a slave. There would be a number of men and women, nude, with numbers hanging from their necks and the Ladies looking for a sub, would be inspecting, testing the potential slaves for the use of the Dommes. Yes, people, a slave auction.
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The Neglected Slave

NeglectedHe’s a faithful and loyal person and an even more dedicated slave. In any relationship, there is usually a time where things aren’t going as well as it could. He only has eyes for the One He serves and doesn’t want to be at the mercy of anyone but Her. But, for some reason, as much as he is willing to suffer and be at Her beck and call, She’s been neglecting him A LOT lately! He’s tried everything imaginable to see Her, even if there is no service aspect or any type of play. He’s given up in his mind and countless times in his head, but hasn’t done so yet. He feels the end is imminent because all of his attempts have led him to nothing. His only option, outside of just ending it, is to seek it elsewhere. This way, if She continues to neglect him, at least he is getting his needs met.

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A Day… (Conclusion)

One Day

A Day… (Part 1)

She is sipping Her beverage and working on Her computer as I massage Her legs and feet. For the moment, She acts as if I am not there, even making several phone calls as I steadily feel Her legs. I’m making sure She is as comfortable as She can be and pausing every now and then to kiss Her feet and legs, showing my appreciation. After some time, She requests a shoulder massage as She is typing on Her computer. I am rubbing Her shoulders, back and Her head. She is smiling and at one point, She picks up Her phone to call a friend to tell Her about Her new ‘assistant’ who started today and tells Her that She may not let me leave if I continue to do the good things I was doing. This makes me smile as all types of thoughts flow through my head and I continue to give Her a nice massage. Continue reading “A Day… (Conclusion)”

A Day…. (Part 1)

A DayI imagine being summoned for slave duty and arriving at my Mistress’ house for the day. When I arrive, I greet my Mistress by kissing both Her feet until She is satisfied with my approach. I then get up on Her instruction and I proceed to enter Her place behind Her. I am then told to put on my leash and collar and to either take off my clothes and strip down to my underwear, no clothes at all or in a uniform of Her choosing, depending on Her mood for the day. I do as I am told and proceed to disrobe as She watches me fold my clothes and place it out of view. I am given instructions to never look Her in the face unless directed to and to make sure I am attentive to Her needs and wants. I am to be on my knees at all times or below Her unless instructed otherwise. I agree to all She says. Continue reading “A Day…. (Part 1)”

The Art of Peeling

Originally posted on January 4, 2009

You know what i miss? i miss having my nipples tormented, i miss having them pinched and squeezed. i miss feeling the ecstasy of the erotic feeling of having a Woman play with them to Her delight. i miss the feeling of the sharpness of Her nails digging deep, sometimes so deep, it bleeds.


i also miss peeling the hardened scabs off my nipples a couple of days later. i miss putting on my T-shirt and my nipples being so sensitive, that they hurt again and reminds me of the time when my nipples were being tortured. i miss almost being brought to tears.

True Dominance

Originally posted January 2, 2009

As i was looking through some personal ads on a BDSM dating website, a profile caught my attention, not just because the Domme was very attractive and not even because Her interests would have been a good match. It was what She wrote in Her description that grabbed my attention. What she wrote was something i’ve been saying for years and i can’t believe i actually read it from someone i’ve never met.

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