True Dominance

Originally posted January 2, 2009

As i was looking through some personal ads on a BDSM dating website, a profile caught my attention, not just because the Domme was very attractive and not even because Her interests would have been a good match. It was what She wrote in Her description that grabbed my attention. What she wrote was something i’ve been saying for years and i can’t believe i actually read it from someone i’ve never met.

She stated that She is not a Pro Domme nor has no desire to be one because what She considers to be true dominance over a male, She would not take money from him. She stated that for Her to be superior over Her submissive, She has to actually be superior in every way possible. She said She should be the breadwinner/high earner and thus control him. Although She would allow him to work, She felt that what could be more powerful than Her holding the traditional male position in bringing home the bacon. What could be more powerful than knowing that She is worth more than him, can buy and sell him if She wanted and knows that he knows that his status in life is lower than Hers.

She said many other things, but that stood out because i’ve always felt that true dominance would encompass that, just like a Master with his female sub. i’ve never heard of a Master charging a sub for his dominance. i’m not saying it doesn’t happen but i’ve never witnessed it. i’ve seen Masters take care of their submissives in every way imaginable, including financially, yet, in the Fem Domme world, it’s the opposite, excuse me, in the Pro Fem Domme world…..


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