A Day…. (Part 1)

A DayI imagine being summoned for slave duty and arriving at my Mistress’ house for the day. When I arrive, I greet my Mistress by kissing both Her feet until She is satisfied with my approach. I then get up on Her instruction and I proceed to enter Her place behind Her. I am then told to put on my leash and collar and to either take off my clothes and strip down to my underwear, no clothes at all or in a uniform of Her choosing, depending on Her mood for the day. I do as I am told and proceed to disrobe as She watches me fold my clothes and place it out of view. I am given instructions to never look Her in the face unless directed to and to make sure I am attentive to Her needs and wants. I am to be on my knees at all times or below Her unless instructed otherwise. I agree to all She says.

She is in a playful mood, so She inspects my body to see what turns me on, what makes me shutter and how I react to what She does. She glides Her fingernails over my entire body, pinching my nipples, slapping my ass and teasing me at every movement as I nervously respond to all She does. I have sensitive skin when it comes to a Woman’s touch and I am ticklish, so She sees this and takes advantage of that. She teases me to Her delight as I flinch and try to get away from Her touch. She tells me to stay still, knowing that I can’t and threatening to punish me if I don’t comply. I try by best to stay at attention and She starts to enjoy my ‘discomfort’ and laughs at my facial expressions. This is starting to amuse Her so She takes delight in knowing that this is getting me excited. She continues lightly playing with me and as I am showing an erection, She decides to start whispering in my ear. She’s teasing me about my inability to stay still, telling me that there is nothing I can do about it unless She wants something to happen. She knows She is turning me on, making me hotter.

As She is talking to me, She starts to nibble on my ear, playing with my nipples, treating me like a toy. She is getting wet as She knows She is in total control. She asks me what do I want to do or have done to me and I reply that I want to please Her, taste Her, make Her happy. She is enjoying this, seeing me being tormented for Her enjoyment, knowing that in the situation, I can’t take initiative, I can only do what She wants me to do. I feel like I am about to bust and the more She touches me, the hornier I get.

She is wearing a skirt with no panties on and She pulls me by the leash and brings me to the couch as She tells me to get on my knees. She looks me in my eyes, enjoying having me in a very subservient state. She knows that I am ready to do whatever She says and savoring the feeling of me surrendering to Her completely. As She is already wet, She tells me to taste Her and as She prepares for my tongue, I start to lightly touch Her pussy and then I start to kiss around Her clit and I’m stroking Her thighs as I am doing this, Her hand is behind my head. I feel completely at Her mercy. I am licking, sucking, doing all I can to keep Her moist and trying to bring Her to orgasm. Every time She moans, I stay in that area to make it very pleasing for Her until She starts to tighten Her leg muscles around my head, strengthening Her grip. I get scared but excited, knowing I am pleasing Her. But also, feeling the strength of Her thighs until She lets out a loud moan and She cums all over my face. I am licking up all Her juices, drinking Her completely, until She is dry and until I feel and/or hear Her pushing me off Her, so She can lay back and be happy that She has a little toy for Her desire.

As She lays there, looking at me, I feel like a puppy waiting for its owner’s approval. Hoping I have done this well enough for Her to want to keep me for as long as humanly possible. She gets up, fixes Her skirt and instructs me to stay where I am. She goes into the bathroom for a few minutes. When She re-emerges, She instructs me to fix Her some coffee as She goes to Her computer. I put the coffee on to brew and She instructs me to come kneel at Her feet until it’s done and I start to kiss Her feet in appreciation. She seems to like my initiative in doing so. I am assuming She is checking emails, surfing the internet or just doing what She does. As She tells me to go fix Her coffee, telling me how She likes it so I will always know how to prepare it for Her.

To be continued…


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