A Day… (Conclusion)

One Day

A Day… (Part 1)

She is sipping Her beverage and working on Her computer as I massage Her legs and feet. For the moment, She acts as if I am not there, even making several phone calls as I steadily feel Her legs. I’m making sure She is as comfortable as She can be and pausing every now and then to kiss Her feet and legs, showing my appreciation. After some time, She requests a shoulder massage as She is typing on Her computer. I am rubbing Her shoulders, back and Her head. She is smiling and at one point, She picks up Her phone to call a friend to tell Her about Her new ‘assistant’ who started today and tells Her that She may not let me leave if I continue to do the good things I was doing. This makes me smile as all types of thoughts flow through my head and I continue to give Her a nice massage.

After some time, She tells me to stop. She instructs me to sit in the chair She just got off of and says She will be right back as She heads to a closet. She has, what looks like, a utility box and She brings it over and places it on the desk. She opens it and pulls out a rope. She starts to smile as She prepares to tie my hands behind my back, teasing me with Her body as She slowly uses it on me. I start to get hard again and after I am immobilized, She starts to unmercifully tease me. Knowing I can’t go anywhere and also knowing that if I try to move too much, I will only hurt myself and this humors Her. She sits on my lap facing me, kissing on my neck while feeling all over my body. Since She knows how sensitive my nipples are, She torments and plays with them for what seems like hours. She hears me moan and beg Her to stop the teasing, yet, She understands i don’t want Her to stop. I can only assume that this is turning Her on and She decides to play a cruel game with me. She says that if She continues to play with me and I don’t cum, She will untie me and allow me to roam free for the moment. If I do cum, I will be punished severely. As I sit there, She looks at me as if I have a choice, therefore laughing at my predicament, knowing that She didn’t place a time limit on this ‘task’ of Hers. Of course, I agree…

She actually slows Her teasing down a little. I nervously anticipate Her accomplishing Her goal and knowing that She has the ability and the right to change Her own rules because, well, I’m Her property now. She approaches me like I was Her boyfriend, asking if I were okay, stroking my face, even kissing me on my lips. She then starts to stroke my dick and lick on my nipples. As good as this feels, I fight what I know will be the end result as She is making me feel like a little bitch. I’m moaning and groaning and I’m begging Her to stop. She knows She is close and starts to bite on my nipples and She feels my dick pulsating. She knows it’s a matter of time before I explode and before I can beg once more, I cum and not only do I cum, I cum hard.

As I am oozing, She captures it and then places the cum in my mouth. She is laughing at my discomfort and then enjoying having me ‘swallow’ to Her amusement. She makes me lick Her fingers until they are clean. I turn my face into disgust and She tells me to smile. She tells me to enjoy what has just happened because now I will soon have a reason to frown, maybe even cry as She reaches for Her box.

My heart starts to beat fast as She places a blindfold over my eyes. Not only am I about to be tortured, She won’t even let me know how. I feel the tightness around my eyes and it increases my senses as well as my fear. She starts off by teasing me a little, then increasing the intensity by using Her fingernails to scratch me. Then She actually lightly ‘stabs’ me with Her long talons. I wince and She slaps my face and instructs me to keep quiet. And if She hears me again, She will just punish me more. This scares me and I hear silence for a couple of minutes. It may have only been seconds but it felt like hours. The anticipation alone was killing me, then I feel Her hands on my body, making me shiver. I unknowingly yelp and She slaps my face, reminding me to keep quiet. She then placed clothespins on my nipples and as the pain sets in, She twists and pulls them in an effort to make me make a sound. I resist initially, but She and I know I will eventually make a sound, maybe even scream out in pain. As the clothespins are biting into my skin, I feel Her weight on me as She places Herself on me and She moves my head to the side and starts to bite on my neck. But, She bites slowly but then intensifies it by biting harder and longer. I start to plead for mercy and She stops for a moment and then slaps me in the face again, this time, harder and with more force. Without saying anything more, She turns to the other side of my neck and then bites down hard. But not hard enough to break skin, but She keeps the grip and while doing so, pulls hard on the clothespins on my nipples to the point where I actually thought I was gonna cry. And I really wanted to! But, then She stops biting and slowly, painfully removes the clothespin and then She takes off the blindfold and then looks me directly in my eyes and tells me that this is only the beginning and Her expectations of me will continue to rise.

She then releases me from my bondage and then instructs me to get dress as She is through with me for the day and then tells me that I am so lucky I caught Her in a good mood today…..



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