The Neglected Slave

NeglectedHe’s a faithful and loyal person and an even more dedicated slave. In any relationship, there is usually a time where things aren’t going as well as it could. He only has eyes for the One He serves and doesn’t want to be at the mercy of anyone but Her. But, for some reason, as much as he is willing to suffer and be at Her beck and call, She’s been neglecting him A LOT lately! He’s tried everything imaginable to see Her, even if there is no service aspect or any type of play. He’s given up in his mind and countless times in his head, but hasn’t done so yet. He feels the end is imminent because all of his attempts have led him to nothing. His only option, outside of just ending it, is to seek it elsewhere. This way, if She continues to neglect him, at least he is getting his needs met.

Since he’s not a bad looking guy, he has his share of admirers. Some have offered to play with him and he has rejected every attempt. Even submissive women are clamoring to have him on his knees in front of them. Former Dommes he’s served in the past have welcomed him back into the fold. But, his love for the One he is serving is so strong that he doesn’t feel the need to seek others… Until now……

No one likes rejection. Even those who are into humiliation, wants some type of attention. Sometimes it’s the little things. An unreturned phone call, ignored texts, unanswered instant messages, no contact for days, when You were used to communicating daily. It takes its toll. It’s even worse when you have options and you choose to ignore them! Well, in his mind, the days of feeling neglected are gone!

Coincidentally, once he got that thought in his head, one of the Women who admires him, sees him at an event. They talk, exchange pleasantries and for whatever reason, She is paying him more attention than usual. It’s as if She knows he’s hungry and She’s ready to not only feed him, but give him enough to take home a doggy bag! It’s as if She smelled his needs, staked out his wants. Sometimes we have a sense of what another one needs and certain people happen to come around at the right time. She knew exactly what was troubling his thirsty tongue and She was willing to give it to him in more ways than he could imagine…..

To be continued…


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