Being Auctioned Off

Originally posted JANUARY 5, 2009

If i had time to live out my many diverse intense fantasies, then i would die a happy man. Well, one of the ways i would die would be at the hands of a Domme. But there is one particular fantasy that lingers in my mind and it would be fulfilling yet intriguing to have it happen. To be in a room or a stage or any place where Dommes would gather for the express purpose of obtaining a slave. There would be a number of men and women, nude, with numbers hanging from their necks and the Ladies looking for a sub, would be inspecting, testing the potential slaves for the use of the Dommes. Yes, people, a slave auction.

i see myself in line with other slaves, chained or tied up, being looked at by potential owners, faces being slapped, butts being smacked, nipples being pinched, all for the name of the Mistress finding a slave for whatever use She has planned. i see the various Ladies smiling, giving menacing looks, approving, disapproving and checking Their mental lists to see if me and the other slaves are what They are looking for. Anticipating taking one of us, or in the case of the wealthier Women, several of us to take home to put us to whatever use that is waiting for us.

Hearing the bids being placed on the other slaves before my number is called and i am brought to the front of the stage for the perusal of Dommes. Hearing the prices the Women are willing to pay to own and possess me, whether it’s for hard labor, domestic service, chauffeuring, a whipping boy, a sex slave, whatever devious plans They have, i will be owned by one of these Ladies and i have no choice in the matter at all…..


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