Further Away….

DdLooking for that person you want to experience life with is as easy as it is difficult. Easy because you have an idea of who it is you want. Difficult because, if you’re like me, you may not find that perfect, exact fit. More than likely, you want to get as many of the qualities, characteristics and traits you’ve imagined your idea mate to have.

For me, once i discovered my proclivities in terms of my submission, it became apparent that i wanted, no, NEEDED, a woman stronger than me. A strong mind needs an even stronger presence, even if the mind isn’t as strong as mine. Yes, what i wrote is a contradiction, but the sentiment is equal in determination and/or even perception. The Women i have encountered in the past, or should i say, the Women that may have held my interest, wasn’t able to keep it, for whatever reason. i take full responsibility for that, no problem. Maybe i expect too much based on what little fantasies i may have. Eh, what can you do? i guess one of the things i have always wanted was to be taken by a Woman.

It still pains me that i thought i came closer to that goal, but, now, i seem even further away…..


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