my Lips to Yours…


The anticipation to taste every part of Her is at such a high. I salivate just thinking of Her aroma. The thought of being on my knees with my tongue just tasting the tip of Her clitoris has me in sub space. Just being allowed to lick Her pubic hair has my mind wandering to a place that has never been reached. Then imagining Her thighs enveloping my head, the silkiness of Her soft skin. The temperature of Her warmth so close as She touches my soft, curly hair.

Just the thought of Her looking down at me as I look up at Her. Waiting for the signal to allow me the privilege of tasting Her. Wanting to literally drown in Her juices.

The scene is so hot as I feel Her wetness coming down to meet my lips, as I meet Her lips….

Her fingernails starting to embed in my head. That was the signal that I must bring this Woman to a place She needs to be in. A place where my death will be to Her satisfaction….. Let me be more specific. If I do what I’m supposed to do with my flickering tongue and my willingness to please at any cost, then I may die a happy man. How so, you ask? Well, my intention is to die from the muscular thighs that will squeeze my head with a vise like grip. Due to the nature of the movement from a willing tongue and lips that will match whatever intensity Her passionate vagina brings to the table. If I do what needs to be done, then those thighs will keep my head in position. And with the intense passion coming from my mouth to bring ORGASMIC pleasure, those finely toned muscles will not stop until my skull has suffered or Her pussy is drained completely.

OR, if the tongue exercises I plan on displaying for Her pleasure, does what it’s capable of doing…. The task of making Her moan, groan and shape Her Torso in ways She didn’t even know imaginable. Then, I will experience another method of death. I will be the first person to die by being waterboarded by Her bodily fluids as those juices will come raining down like Noah has to build another ark….



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