Why Do Subs Like the Thought of Being Ganged Up On?

GroupAs i looked at this photo, i started fantasizing (AGAIN!) of being at an All Female Party and being the reason for the party. A party where i am the object of desire. The desire of the Women to hurt, punish and torture a male for the exclusive reason of ‘Because We want to’. What is it about having multiple Women using and abusing me that turns me on so much?

Knowing that the Sadistic Lust of several Women looking at me like i am a steak dinner and They haven’t eaten for days. Why is it that in my fantasies, i am able to take any and every thing the Ladies have in store for me, for an extended period of time?

Yes, i still fantasize of walking into a room full of Women looking at me with the sole intention of making me Their play toy for the night…. Can someOne help me?


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