The Anticipated Session

sessionJennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer….. Yes, i had to say it three times because i can’t get Her out of my mind and i would have it no other way! i am a natural submissive who needs to submit to a natural Dominant and i couldn’t have found a more natural Domme than Ms. Jennifer. i had heard of the ‘legend’ of Ms. Jennifer and i had to find out myself or risk losing out on a grand opportunity. And i am glad i reached out to Her. i emailed Her initially to see how She would respond and She answered right away, which left me feeling a little easier. We then proceeded to set up the first phone conversation to discuss common interests and to set up our initial appointment so that i could start my training under Her supervision if She would have me.

The session was set for the next day. Already the nerves started immediately! The anticipation of serving this young Goddess entrapped my psyche so much that my whole mind was engulfed in my fantasy of being at Her mercy! Just 21 more hours and i could be trapped in the realm of the great Ms. Jennifer!

The time has arrived and, as instructed, i called Ms. Jennifer 2 hours before the session time to confirm.  Just hearing Her voice placed me in sub space immediately! Damn, what’s gonna happen when i am in Her presence? Well, i am about to find out, as i prepare to get dressed to realize a fantasy that only She can make happen!

i arrived at the destination and She was waiting for me, looking so gorgeous and beautiful, everything i imagined and more! i couldn’t get past Her beauty and didn’t even realize that She had spoken to me. She spoke in a soft voice and then i realized that it’s now or never and i apologize to Her for being rude and She shook Her head as if She is used to hearing that same apology.

After the initial meeting, She instructed me to go to the dungeon and prepare myself for a Goddess in the way a submissive is supposed to. Naked and on my knees, anticipating Her arrival. i proceed to do as instructed and nervously undress and get into position. As i am doing this, i hear the heels of my Goddess slowly approaching. i think She does this purposely to enhance the anticipation, but i don’t mind, i  am so anxious and ready to be at Her mercy. As i am on my knees waiting for Ms. Jennifer to come, my heart starts beating fast and i begin to get woozy as i know i am about to take a much needed ride on the Jennifer Express…..

The Beauty walks in and my jaw drops! She has on an outfit that would stop airport traffic! Those long legs make it seem as if She is 10 feet tall and Her body is so lean that it looks like She is a superhero! Wonder Woman has NOTHING on this splendor! She immediately locks Her eyes on me and She senses my nervousness and slowly walks towards me like a Lioness approaches Her prey as She is about to pounce. As i pointed my eyes in a downward direction, i notice She had a cigarette dangling from those lovely fingers. i look up again and catch on that Her cigarette needs to be lit. i ask Her if I can light Her cigarette and She smiled and motioned to the desk by the wall where the lighter is located. i took the hint and proceeded, on my knees, to get the lighter and perform my first official duty to this Goddess. As i come back, She dangles the cigarette and i reach up to light it, noticing that She is not moving to accommodate me, as i am supposed to be the one who is accommodating. Sensing my small error, i immediately reach up further to light it properly so that She can enjoy the cigarette that is about to be lucky to be placed on the luscious lips of Ms. Jennifer.

To be continued….


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