The Anticipated Session (Part 2)

SessionThe Anticipated Session

This officially starts my servitude as She slowly circles me like a vulture circles its next meal. i nervously try to stay still as She lightly touches me with those beautiful hands and perfect manicured fingernails. i jump as She inspects my flesh for Her amusement. She inhales the fumes in the cigarettes. She blows it back in my face as She tweaks my nipples. She stops and pulls harder to cause my discomfort for Her pleasure. She slaps my face, lightly at first, but intensifying the blows as i look heavenly into Her eyes. She stops, grabs my face, then takes a drag of Her cigarette and then tells me to open my mouth. She blows the smoke directly in my mouth as if She was giving me a wet kiss, but without touching my lips. The smoke of the cigarette tongue-kissing my mouth as i swallow all She has to give me as this goes on until half Her cigarette is gone. She teases me with the smoke and it tastes like heaven, if heaven had a taste that would smell like the smoke of Ms. Jennifer.

As She is doing this, She is tugging on my dick and using those perfect fingernails to cause pain. She smiles a delicious grin that shows She is satisfied that I am enduring pain for Her delight. She even whispers in my ear that She is only testing me as She can cause more excruciating pain. But i must earn that privilege as She ‘tests Her new toy’. After looking into my eyes and in between smokes, as my mouth is wide open, accepting whatever She wants to give me. She brings my head back and lets loose some of Her tasteful saliva. i couldn’t believe what i was experiencing! The way She seduced my mouth with Her spit made me realize how lucky i was and i couldn’t hold or hide my excitement. She became more forceful with Her grip on my penis when She realized the ‘growth’ that was taking place. She continued to generously give me Her spit for my consumption and although this isn’t something i would have requested, it tasted so sweet. She did it so sensually, that i was starting to savor the taste of Her saliva, enjoying the technique She used to allow me to swallow the gift i was receiving. The combination of spit and smoke never tasted so appealing.

i forget to mention that She was using my mouth as an ashtray as opposed to wasting all those ashes in one that would have to be cleaned, which would mean more work, but i did not complain at all! In fact, for the first time in my life, i started imagining being an ashtray for the Incredible Ms. Jennifer, but I digress.

As my mouth is filled with Jennifer’s mixture of saliva, smoke and ash, i am so caught up in Her beauty and technique and i am willing to do ANYTHING in order to be in Her good graces. Which brings me to Her allowing me to worship Her beautiful body.

She brings me over to the couch that is in the room and has me on my knees once again. She instructs me to worship Her shoes to see if i am worthy enough to get the chance to worship the feet that are in Them (and possibly those lovely, lean legs of Hers). She stated that if a good job is done, the possibilities are endless in me worshiping more. i anxiously began by planting kisses on the tips of Her shoes, being careful not to use so much saliva that it looks disgusting. i slowly and methodically lick the sides of Her shoes, without instruction from Her and as i was doing so, i was about to lick the underside of the heels. But, luckily, for me, She instructed me that that wouldn’t be necessary THIS time and that i am doing a good job so i can graduate to smelling Her feet. My eyes must have gone back into my head as i noticed Her satisfactory smile!

To be continued…


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