i Need to be Arrested….

ArrestNo doubt, fantasizing about certain things wouldn’t work in the vanilla world and/or i wouldn’t want to participate in. But one recurring fantasy is so hot that i am sure it’s common among submissives.

i fantasize of being wrongly accused of a violent crime, a case of mistaken identity and accosted by very aggressive cops (Female, of course!). me being brutalized by the officers for ‘resisting’ arrest. The crime i am accused of is rape and sodomy .The cops that arrest me are so hell bent on justice that They decide to forgo the legal system and offer me a choice while i am in the squad car. They tell me They can take me to the station house and book me, throw me in jail and publicize what i am accused of. i can take my chances with, not only the justice system, but the thugs in the prison system who don’t take kindly to men who rape Women. OR, i can be taken elsewhere and become prisoners to Them.

Of course, after consideration, i think about my options knowing that the cards are dealt against me because of the false accusation as well as the evidence planted against me by the cops. i choose, reluctantly, to become the prisoner of these cops and of course, They live to abuse me in every way imaginable way, including sodomy with nightsticks and various objects and they give me a life sentence……. Forever a victim of harsh, merciless police brutality for the rest of my natural life.


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