Having Somewhere To Eat

Somewhere to eatSo, my submissive mind is always thinking about how i can properly serve and please my Domme. It fascinates me knowing that if i am pleasing Her in the way She expects, deserves and desires, then the goals are being met in the subjugation of me and the empowerment of Her. Of course, outside of the Pro Domme aspect, in the mind of a lifestyle sub, this can and does enter into realms deemed illegal and immoral, the thoughts of submitting in ways that is mutually beneficial.

When we think of BDSM, it does tinker on our sexual proclivities and/or empowering the Top in the way that both parties (or mostly the Top) can agree to. Or at least the sub can tolerate in the thought process of pleasing and/or submitting to his Top’s preference. This does and should include, on the direction of the Domme, pleasing the Top in the way She wants to be pleased and not necessarily with the thought of the sub doing the pleasing.

i am fascinated at the thought of the reversal of roles when it comes to the sexual mindset of how, we, as men, think and want from our Women in bed. From society’s thought process, the man is in control and when he wants sex or pleasure from his partner, she should adhere to his wishes as he wants them and some may say, as a duty to him. Which brings up what i sometimes, well, OK, always fantasize about. And that’s the thought of being made to get on my knees and orally please my Domme on instruction from Her and for the complete and total satisfaction of Her sexual wants, even if it’s just me licking and pleasing Her for as long as She wants with not even a thought of my own sexual needs and/or wants.

i do imagine getting a ‘booty’ call from my Domme and made to strip and be told that my only purpose for the moment is to get Her off completely, despite what i want from it or if i get anything out of it. Her pleasure and instruction on how She wants that pleasure will be the main and primary duty on tap. And then when She is done or finished with having me at Her mercy, She dismisses me regardless of whether i got off or not…..


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