Vore Fantasies…

VorePart of Dominance to me, dwells on anything that would put me in a subservient position or places the Woman in a position of power. There are fantasies and scenarios that, of course, will never happen but it still fascinates me in my mind as far as fantasizing about it often.

One of these fantasies is being shrunken or being captured by a Giant Woman. Not only being caught by a Giant Woman, but, a Giant Woman Who is anxious to devour me as a meal. i fantasize of being trapped by a hungry Giantess Who is hungry to have my flesh in Her mouth. Hungry to taste my blood, hungry to eat me, but not only eat me, but eat me alive. There is the sadism in Her to have me feel Her teeth rip into my skin, to watch me plead and suffer while She sucks on the blood, crunch my bones, to feel me actually lose my life in Her mouth.

Maybe before She actually devours me, She wants to play with me, to slightly torture me and watch me plead for my life. Having me think that if i plead with every inch of my heart, that She will allow me to live and escape being Her meal. She delights at watching me cry and beg for mercy, knowing that Her intention is to eat me alive, eat me until i am completely in Her system as nutrition for Her body. For Her to lick me, Her way of teasing, sucking on my skin, to have me actually feel the warmth of Her breath on me, thinking about how i can get out of this situation.

Maybe She ‘accidentally’ drops me, giving me a chance to escape, giving me an ounce of hope that i have escaped Her clutches. But to Her, it’s a game of cat and mouse and of course, me being the mouse. i escape momentarily, happy for the moment, but She has me in Her view all the time and is ready to eat me. She captures me, sticks a fingernail in my stomach to make me bleed so that She can have some blood that She is craving.

Enough playing, Her eyes lock in on me, i start pleading again, but the look in Her eyes tells me that this is it for me as She brings me closer to Her face, i feel Her breath and then Her teeth……….


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