Yes, You Can Use my Face For Your Pleasure….

Ass WorshipFacesitting is not my thing…. But, amazingly, the thought of having my face engulfed in some Woman’s ass is intriguing. The way i look at it, smelly, nasty shit comes out of the hole, so why should i want to be involved with it in any way? The body is getting rid of things from that hole for a reason, why should i go near it? But, alas, the fascination of being under or maybe it’s the inferiority complex that one would have in serving a Superior Woman. What more humiliating task puts the accent on submitting to One Who is Superior to you?

Yet, here i am, fantasizing of being under a Woman’s ass….. How does this happen? Maybe it’s the image aspect of a Woman looking at me as being less than a person, only as an object to be used for Her pleasure and satisfaction. Or maybe it’s just the thought of Her sitting on my face just because She wants to. Or could it be that my face under Her ass as a comfort for that body part makes me think in terms of being seen as comfort for the expressed purpose of satisfying Her. No more, no less, makes it intriguing knowing that that is what She is thinking. Or at least, what i am hoping…

But then again, knowing that i do enjoy pleasing a Woman orally, maybe in the back of my mind, imagining my tongue pleasuring Her in a way that a woman orally pleases a man! Thinking that Her power lies in the fact that i am laying on my back, awaiting Her moistness to be placed squarely on my face with the only goal of pleasuring Her until She is satisfied. Until She comes off, until She is so pleased that She just lays there knowing that my face is there for Her expressed use…..


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