my First Encounter As Her Toy…

First Encounteri awaken with anticipation as this is my first day as the official ‘boy toy’ of my new Mistress. She instructs me to be at Her place at noon, so this gives me time to shake off all the butterflies currently in my stomach. i am finally in the dream position. i have been thinking about this position for many years now and i have the opportunity to not only fulfill my fantasy but to hopefully fulfill Hers! After all, my goal is to fulfill Her fantasy, at any and all costs. i will only be happy if She is happy….

The time has come for me to be at Her residence and i am 14 minutes early, so i nervously pace a couple of feet from Her door. i don’t want to arrive too early and i definitely don’t want to be late. But the fear, anticipation and the excitement is getting to me and now i am not only nervous, but scared. Scared that i may not meet Her expectation and fear of what lies ahead of me.  Those butterflies i mentioned previously have multiplied tenfold and now i am actually shaking, but i can’t let Her see me like this. What will She think of me if She knows i am nervous. It will look very un-man-like and She may think i didn’t have the confidence. But, that’s neither here or there, i have a duty to perform and it’s now time to report to work!

i ring the doorbell about 11:55, as i feel that’s not too early and even if She took 4 minutes to respond, i will still be on time instead of too early. She comes to the door and immediately i am in awe as She is wearing a nice short dress with stiletto heels and a loose fitting top and She had the brightest smile and looked so happy. This may my smile even bigger as She welcomed me in, touching my butt as i walked by Her. As She offered me something to drink, She directs me to the living room as i sat down. She said She’d be right back and i watched Her walk towards Her bathroom. i don’t know what She bathed in, but She smelled magnificent and Her smell drifted in my nose and just stayed there. i could almost feel myself ready to ‘burst’ into action, but i have to remain calm and collected.

As i am looking around Her place, She slowly approaches me and motions for me to stand up. As i am looking into Her eyes, i feel myself getting hard and i think She senses it and smiles at me. When i am standing, She whispers in my ear, ‘So, you say you want to be My toy. you want Me to treat you the way some men treat women they don’t care about. Are you sure that is what you want, little boy?’

i stumble over my words and look directly in Her eyes and i meekly say yes. When i said yes, She smiled an evil grin, similar to how a snake would smile when approaching its prey, right before the snake devours its food. She then walks toward the couch and signals for me to get on the floor on my knees in front of Her. She turns around and sits down, legs wide open as i notice She doesn’t have on any panties. i pause for half a second and look directly in Her eyes and She says, with authority, ‘Come here, my little bitch!’ Now, i am really nervous as it’s actually happening. i crawl to Her and She tells me to make Her cum, as She leans Her head back, anticipating my face between Her legs.

To be continued…


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