my First Encounter As Her Toy… (Conclusion)

Encountermy First Encounter As Her Toy…

i lick my lips, say a quick prayer to myself and then She says, ‘How come I don’t feel your tongue?!?’ i then started licking Her inner thigh, as i smell Her moistness, i bring my fingers up to start playing with Her clitoris. She starts to moan as i lightly touch Her lips and i bring my tongue closer to Her pussy. She brings Her hand to the back of my head and pushes me further into Her and I get the message and start kissing Her lips. i can tell by the movement of Her hips that She is ready for me to really start doing my job. As i am licking and sucking Her, i am sticking my finger in the top of Her pussy and trying my best to make Her cum. She squeezes my head with Her powerful thighs and this tells me that I am hitting a spot She enjoys. So I concentrate on it by nibbling, sucking and licking, while sticking my finger in Her until She starts to moan more. Then as i am sucking all Her moisture, She tugs on my hair and then squeezes my head harder and i can hardly breathe, but i continue knowing that She is about to cum and after a couple more minutes, She cums on my face, lets out a slight yell and then pushes me away from Her as She starts to rub Her own pussy.

As i am laying on the floor, She looks at me, relieved and then while I am looking at Her, She kicks me in my face. Not hard, but, playfully to give me the message that i am not Her equal and that my sole purpose is whatever crosses Her mind. i start to ask Her if She is ok, but, She tells me to shut up while She savors the moment.  i then say nothing and wait for Her instruction. She looked at me and said, ‘That’s a good bitch….  I just want to let you know that this is the nicest I will ever be and from this point on, You are officially my bitch and everything from this point on is about Me! Now, get your silly little ass up and get on Your fuckin knees!’

i quickly got up and She told me to stay where i was as She went to Her room. She comes back out with a collar and leash and puts the collar on my neck, attach the leash and She tugged hard on it to show me that i’m Her pet. As i stumble on my knees, She picks up Her phone and when the other person answers, She says, ‘This bitch completed his first task, but he doesn’t realize that it doesn’t get any easier for him from here. You can come over now, this bitch wants to be treated like a slut and and sluts are shared and have no say in the activities We have going on. So, I want You to use and abuse my slut as well. He is just a toy, so, let’s play with our new property! I’m gonna keep him because I know I can mold him into what we want him to be….’ And with that, She hung up, grabbed me by my ear, stood me up and slapped my ass and whispered in my ear, ‘I can’t wait for me and my girlfriends to fuck that nice, smooth ass of Yours….’

And with that, She sends me to a corner and then comes a knock on the door. She instructs me to go answer it and tells me if it’s a female, let Her in. As I go to do so, She kicks me in my ass and i get to the door faster. i asked who it was and She told me to just open the door. i looked back and She motioned me to do it and when i did, the Young Lady who came in, spat in my face and told me not to look in Her eyes and to stare at the floor. i did what i was told and She went to hug Her friend and came to circle me and said to me, “ you fuckin bitch, your only purpose is to please us in any way we want, no questions asked.’ She grabbed my nipples, twisted them until i flinched and then She called me a bitch and told me to get on my knees…

She and Her friend were speaking and then They instructed me to head towards the bedroom while They decided what to do next and with that, i go in the room, get on my knees and proceed to pray and accept my new role as Their boy toy……..


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