Can i Be On Call To Be Abused?

mo1hshseu61s6xlsho1_500So, i am constantly thinking, ok, maybe i’ll call it fantasizing, of what i’d like to do or how i’d like to be used by a Woman. Now, don’t get it twisted, i know there are Pro Dommes, Financial Dommes and just Women Who just take advantage of any man They can get Their hands on (And, if You are reading this incorrectly, don’t blame me as i am NOT looping all of these Women into one category, i am just using examples to make a point, so PLEASE read what is being written…..). No, i’m not talking about that type of using as that will never be me (Whether it’s because i don’t have that type of cash or because i am just that smart to NOT give a Woman money just because She says so, that’s what my future wife’s role is! lol). But, i have a constant feeling of being used and abused by a Woman for the sheer enjoyment of Her being able to use and abuse me without me expecting or wanting anything in return.

i imagine being called and told to meet a young Lady at whatever location She summons me to. She is in the mood to abuse a man, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, depending on the Woman, being abused can be anything from physical abuse, sexual abuse and/or mental abuse. But, the task at hand is to be abused for Her sheer enjoyment, whether She is in a good mood, a bad mood or just because. Usually, just because is always the reason that is used because it covers any and every area imaginable.

Of course, being a man, being sexually abused for a Woman’s pleasure is what one can hope for and imagine. But, i guess i’ll take the mental and physical abuse as well….  i would go into detail some of the ideas that come to mind with the ‘booty call’ fantasies i have in thought, but, it might take too much time and i know You have other things to do with Your day…..



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