The Art of Public Play

public playi am not one to play in public, PERIOD! It’s not something i actively participate in, although i AM a voyeur and enjoy watching public play, it’s just that i don’t want to play in public, simple. i have been in the scene for 25 years and i am ALWAYS asked that question on a regular basis. ‘How come you don’t play in public, Why don’t you play at parties?’ Well, everyone has a fetish and needs and wants. If someone feels comfortable doing what they do in public, then by all means, i salute you! But, just because you enjoy doing so in public, doesn’t mean i have to as well. That’s absurd!

The dynamic of play partners, Mistress/slave, Master/submissive, is an intriguing one and i feel that, for me, unless it specifically involves others, is something that is intimate, for some, sexual even. i am not a public person when it comes to that dynamic, there is no other reason. If i wanted myself to be showcased in that manner, i have plenty of Women Who would probably delight in participating. i say, never knock the next man/woman for what he/she does, but because i don’t engage in public play doesn’t make me any less of a kinkster, i just prefer it to be in a less public setting.

Maybe some time in the future, i will let go of any hesitations and/or inhibitions as far as public play, but for now, You can abuse me with Your heart’s content in a non-party situation…..


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