My Journey of Dominance (Conclusion)


The Journey of Dominance

After that recommendation, I decided to pursue another houseboy position as this Mistress wasn’t the type of Mistress that I envisioned serving. I heard about an organization named The Eulenspiegel Society (TES). At the time, I was young and most of the members were at least (Well, they looked) 20 years older than me, so it was a little intimidating and they weren’t very inviting to someone who didn’t ‘look’ like them. But I joined and they also hosted parties and the first event I went to was at a dungeon that had just opened and I decided to go, as I might meet some people I can talk to. This was the best move I could make as I offered my services during the party to the Headmistress of the new dungeon and she accepted. After the party ended, I stayed to clean and make the place look good and at that moment, I asked if I could leave and she asked for my pager number as they had a party scheduled the next night. She never called but that Monday at precisely 5 PM (I remember because I was leaving my job at the time of the page) I received the page that changed my life. She offered me the position I had been seeking and I became an official houseboy!

I was at this particular house for about a year and I met a lot of Sadists who enjoyed ‘using’ me for their enjoyment and practice, so luckily, most of them liked me so when I made a decision to leave the house, I had options at other dungeons to go serve at since some left to work at other places. I then started to realize that I was starting to like the idea of pain but not for pain’s sake, but for the intensity behind the act performed by the individual.

As I was leaving this house, I met, through a mutual scene player at a fetish club, a Mistress who ended up, years later, opening her own dungeon and I am still friends with these days. I was actually her first personal slave and we lived in close proximity to each other, so it made it easier to serve her. She also went overseas to explore the scene out there and I ended up at one of the most prestigious houses in New York and well-known around the world and I ended up being the houseboy there for approximately 3 years. I served as a personal to one of the mistresses who worked there. After being there for so long, I felt they no longer saw me as a slave, but, merely, a friend and helper of the house, which was fine because I was never truly mistreated but I also felt that, because of that, no one really wanted to ‘abuse’ me so to speak and I still had the urge to be played with.  I went to another house to become a houseboy even though I stayed friends with the owner of the previous house and I always visited them because I still felt like I was part of the family.

My journey continued throughout the years being a houseboy at various dungeons and becoming a training dummy for every house I would serve at. I had some knowledge on how to speak to the ladies about how a sub reacts to certain things as well as being the guinea pig and practice tool for the ladies. They would hurt me instead of hurting the clients until they felt comfortable with what they learned. Through the course of time, I also served as a personal slave to various women over that time and with each one; I played a different role as far as my servitude.

It even reached into my personal life but not as I would have hoped. Whenever I would meet a young lady, I would hope that she was aggressive in general but it’s kinda hard to be up front and frank about wanting to be a woman’s ‘slave’, even if that is something she fantasized about. At least in a dungeon and/or fetish environment, it’s easier because you already know your ‘role’, but how do you bring it up with a love interest? Me? I would joke around and say things like I would submit to her or saying I would be her love/sex slave and see how she would react and depending on her reaction, I would know whether I should pursue that side of me with her. But, of course, not in any extreme terms because I wouldn’t want to scare her off or make her think something is wrong with me! Lol I even tried to ‘recruit’ friends, women who have that dominant personality in hopes of having a Mistress friend that I could easily and willingly submit to.

Of course, as with anything, I have evolved from being submissive, masochistic and now just being a kinkster but still enjoying the feel of being inferior to a superior woman or just being a play partner for women who enjoy the BDSM realm. I’ve learned now that it is an essential part of me and although it would take a special situation for me to become a houseboy again, I don’t mind women viewing me as someone they can use for their pleasure. I even fantasize of being a boy toy for a group of women who take turns using me for whatever pleasures they enjoy. I mostly enjoy anything that reverses the role society places on the genders, but, I have no desires to actually be a woman or a cross-dresser. Although I do think often of being a woman’s property or bitch or even her slut or anything that places me under her control. I just know that all of my fantasies have an element of me being ‘lower’ than her or her viewing me as less than what she is.

And as with most, I fantasize in the extreme, but most keep those thoughts to myself as I probably wouldn’t be able to handle it….  lol


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