The Taste of Moistness

MoistnessThey have said the thirst is real…  i am living proof of that. There is nothing sweeter than having the wetness of a Woman in my mouth. The steps taken to get a Woman to the point of Her gaining excitement on a sexual level is one i do enjoy. The attraction is natural. It’s the action that brings Her to the point of wanting me inside of Her. OR, at the very least, wanting my tongue, finger, any object that will help satisfy Her sensual urges.

It’s not enough for a Woman to find me attractive. No, honestly, that’s the easy part. i want to create a sensation in Her. One that makes Her feel an intimate connection with me. One where, just the thought of having me in Her vicinity sets off a reaction. i want Her to be savagely attached to Her wanting me to satisfy Her instinctive need to be pleasured. i would like Her to almost cum just by thinking about me, the way i get excited knowing i want to make Her shiver and moan.

i want to find a way to access Her primal wants. Not just in an ordinary sexual way. No… i want Her to want to hurt me in anticipation of making me please Her in ways that only transpire in Her deepest thought. i want the feeling of Her looking at me as if i am Her personal plaything. my only purpose will be to get Her off….. at ANY cost… No, make that at EVERY cost….  Even if it means a little pain in the process.

Yes, i am willing to suffer for Her. This way She can be so exhausted in reaching ecstasy. i want to cry, knowing that my tears will excite Her, entice Her to want me even more than She even imagined. i want to lick Her wetness to the point that i get Her to squirt in my eye. Make Her enjoy Her dominance by sitting on my face, riding my tongue, if necessary. Even getting more aggressive with Her physical attacks on me. i want the treatment of a chew toy and Her teeth is the catalyst for those actions.

i want my tongue to be so exhausted because She is so insatiable. i want Her to view my mouth as being Hers. On command, i will suck Her dry. Any and everything having to do with tasting the moistness that i will create for Her satisfaction….


4 thoughts on “The Taste of Moistness

  1. i have to say….i am extremely impressed by you. you are VERY good at keeping protocol. Most blogs that i gave read…from E/either perspective…does not reveal respect to the R/roles in form of CAPS and lowers as i feel T/they should. you did show Respect to You Woman in this blog. i am a stranger to the concept of a Woman being ove a man


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