The Conquering

The Conquering

The ConqueringWhat She doesn’t realize is that when i challenge Her, i am actually challenging myself… i never want to win….. i just want any and everything that i ever imagined, to be realized and then surpassed… i go to Her, knowing She can take me beyond my limits… And then bring me to Hers…. i can’t be conquered if She is afraid of conquering…

i REALLY want my fears to be realized… i NEED to fear Her… What good is submitting when She doesn’t want someone to submit to Her?

What good is offering myself, my flesh, my mind, shit, even my soul, when She won’t take it? This is what we talked about. This was supposed to be a meeting of the minds where She eventually takes over mine! She is supposed to conquer me in EVERY way imaginable so we’d BOTH be satisfied with the common bond we originally shared.

She keeps fighting me on this by not doing Her part. Allowing feeble and petty distractions take Her away from Her fate. Something that is/was supposed to happen. Her conquering me….

What is She scared of?


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