Sexual Abuse

The thought of being sexually abused is both frightening and exciting. But, it may not go in the way i would anticipate or hope for. In my mind, i enjoy role reversal to the max. Well, not only in my mind, but, in general. i take on the role of always being subservient to the sexual needs and wants of the One who owns me. To pleasure Her at any given time at Her direction, for as long as She wants me to. If my efforts aren’t to Her liking, She punishes me until i get it right. And even when i get it right, it is Her right to punish me because She just may want to.

Booty calls entail me going to Her place and orally pleasing Her until She gets off and then, She kicks me out without a word. No complaints at all from me or a swift punishment is earned! i am there to lick, kiss and suck Her ass until the moaning coming from Her reaches a point where anyone within blocks will hear Her. my attention to detail must be so on point that She keeps a cane right next to Her bed in case i have any thoughts of not placing my best effort into the activity at hand. my only purpose is to get Her off at any and all costs!

She has keys to my apartment. She texts me to tell me what She expects when She arrives at my place. On my knees, tongue ready for any and every thing when She walks in. She comes to where She has me positioned and immediately slaps my face and then places Her vagina so that i can worship it. my attention must be on making Her cum, not just once, but, at whatever number she desires. Not making Her do so earns me the type of torture no one wishes for! After she abuses my face in more ways than one, She lifts up Her skirt, spits in my mouth, then proceed to vacate the premises.

i believe You get the idea. my goal is to be at Her absolute mercy, despite the mood She is in. If i am Her toy, then She gets to play with me how long She wants, when She wants and however She wants. She plans to hurt Her toy and to break it for Her satisfaction. Then She will rebuild me and my mindset to explicitly be Hers for whatever activities that come to mind.

Make me Her complete toy, Her personal slut, Her abused property…  However She sees fit….





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