Orally Pleasing

OrallyIt takes just one time…. The taste of the moistness drives me crazy. The action and movement of my tongue drives Her wild. The connection gets stronger each time She allows the tongue to dance with the clit! The goal? Drive Her crazier than She already is…. To make Her look at me as if i am one big tongue specifically for Her use… i don’t want Her to be able to walk. Not at all… When i’m done, i want Her to be so immobilized that She CAN’T move.

i want Her to lay there as if She’s paralyzed, unable to move Her legs. Satisfied that i’ve drained Her of all Her vaginal fluids. Allowing Her body to recuperate and recover mentally from the ride She was on. Letting Her thighs relax after trying to squeeze the life out of my head, damaging my precious curly locks in the process. i want Her to be on such an emotional and mental high that it may take hours for Her to think about anything else.

When i am on my knees or on my back, the goal when it comes to being allowed to have my lips pleasuring Hers, is to bring Her to climax. Or die trying…..


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