At Her Mercy

At Her MercyShe has him on his knees, looking adoringly in Her eyes. His fascination with Her dominance is only superseded by his love for Her natural beauty. Soft, silky, long curly locks, flawless skin and an intoxicating smile. He is as enamored with Her Sadistic prowess as he is with the creative, wild and unexpected imagination that comes along with it. The thoughts and fantasies that have lived in his head for years is slowly being imagined now and in some ways, he hopes he’s able to start living out a few of them. In conversation, She has expressed the type of scenarios he didn’t think possible. He loves that….

He ponders the fate that awaits him. She smiles knowing She finally has him where She wants. The situation is unnerving because neither knows what to anticipate, but, they both know that this is needed in order to move forward. Of course, She has the advantage because he is there for Her amusement. But, his willingness to expose his submissive tendencies to Her makes it a perfect match in theory. Now, all that stands in the way of this union is to see if the talks they’ve initiated with each other will be as intense as they both hoped.

Both are nervous, but for different reasons. He understands the extreme nature of Her fantasies and it naturally excites him. She has scared too many potential suitors in the past when She revealed light versions of Her thoughts. The extreme nature of fantasies between the two definitely makes it an adventure needed by both!

They say, ‘Be careful what you wish for’ but, he would rather experience hell than to not do so and then wonder, in his later years, what could have been. As his heart beats slightly faster, he looks up to Her and states, ‘i’m at Your mercy, do with me as You please….’



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