my Predator…

PredatorShe enjoys playing the predator… Her aggressiveness is what drew me to Her. Well, actually, that pretty smile, nice, muscular legs and the way She carries Herself is what got my attention. The aggressive nature was a definite turn on! She turned heads where ever She appeared… Men AND women tended to do a double take whenever she passed by and i was no exception!

i got to know Her and i liked Her….  A LOT…. That aggressive mindset was such a turn on that i often felt like a woman most of the time. She had the mannerisms of a man, in that, She knew how to get what She wanted without having to use Her femininity. i was, in no way, feminine, but, She has a way of making me feel less than a man in the sense of how we interacted in our relationship.

She’s actually a predator. That is what makes it a little more interesting.

She actually treats me like i’m the woman. It’s very uncomfortable, yet, kinda invigorating as well… i can’t explain it.

There will come a time where Her predatory behavior and lust will take over and then i become Her target. i will become a victim to whatever She has in mind. i will succumb to Her, whether i want to or not (Even if i don’t want to admit, i would probably want to do so, just not at the aggressive or intensity that She will display…).

In my deepest darkest fantasies, this is the perfect scenario. She will ALWAYS be the aggressor. i will ALWAYS take whatever She gives me or does to me. i will hate Her for it, yet, want to still be at Her complete mercy.

i am ready…..


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