Prison Warden

The Look of An Angel With The Mindset of a Prison Warden

Prison WardenShe’s sitting on the edge of the bed, admiring my stoic stance as i look into Her eyes. Her athletic legs inches from my body. The ache that i am feeling is due to those muscular calves being within reach. And i am unable to feel the muscularity and the femininity of them. She knows this. She enjoys teasing me beyond belief. She definitely has a hard, sadistic, evilness to Her, yet, has the face, body and mannerisms of the most elegant Queen. She understands Her power and knows that it’s one of my weaknesses. Of course, She takes advantage EVERY TIME, even when She sends me photos of Her and Her magnificent legs.


She watches me in agony as i wait for instructions from Her. Will She violently torture me for Her amusement or will She allow my eternal lust for Her get a chance to try and prove i belong to Her in every imaginable way? She does this often and each time, i get flustered. i don’t fear Her, i only fear where Her thoughts and creativity will take me. my imagination was unmatched… until i met Her. The perfect blend of Sadism mixed with the feminine look of a prissy Princess who commands the utmost respect. The look of an angel with the mindset of an unapologetic prison warden with a lust for pain and prolonged agony for a prisoner. The perfect match as i have the typical look of a man who can and does control any female who comes my way. But, secretly, wish to be manhandled by a Woman who looks like She would be so proper and neat that any corruptible thought would never cross Her mind. You know, the stereotypical church girl that Your mother pushes You to marry and have children with!

Oh, back to the situation at hand!

In some ways, i want to be tortured by Her, only because i know She enjoys it immensely. It wouldn’t be for my enjoyment at all, but, since that is what makes Her smile, i’ll sacrifice my flesh and even emotional grief. That’s part of my purpose! The other part is raising my tolerance for pain to a level i have never achieved previously. i want to, not only take more pain, i actually want to crave being abused by Her and Her sadistic thoughts. i, finally, want to outlast Her at any given time because it would be so satisfying for Her that She’d cum while torturing me for Her explicit enjoyment. THAT’S my latest goal when it comes to submitting to Her. The chance to have Her in bliss simply because She is abusing me for Her pleasure.

i wait in nervous anticipation as She draws up an image from Her imagination, plotting how She will have me in extreme torment, completely at Her mercy, making sure i remember this encounter. She has, what i call, a certain sparkle in Her eyes when She is about to pounce on my flesh. The smile is so radiant and sweet, yet, the deviant nature behind what makes Her smile truthfully excites, yet, frightens me at the same time. The evilness that radiates from that beautiful mind would make most people run as far away as possible, yet, i want to run towards Her. Call me crazy but, i don’t want it any other way…

OK, She motions me to crawl to Her and i nervously approach, knowing that, regardless of it being 15 minutes or 15 hours, i will fear for my life multiple times. As i fight the feeling of not wanting to be hurt, i will eventually give in to the sadistic nature of this BEAUTIFUL Woman while trying to sustain whatever flesh wounds, as well as emotional damage i will suffer at Her hands. And all because She has the look of an Angel with the mindset of an evil prison warden.


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