The Taste of Moistness

MoistnessThey have said the thirst is real…  i am living proof of that. There is nothing sweeter than having the wetness of a Woman in my mouth. The steps taken to get a Woman to the point of Her gaining excitement on a sexual level is one i do enjoy. The attraction is natural. It’s the action that brings Her to the point of wanting me inside of Her. OR, at the very least, wanting my tongue, finger, any object that will help satisfy Her sensual urges. Continue reading “The Taste of Moistness”


Missed Opportunities…..

OpportunitiesWhat’s funny about this post is that i JUST RECENTLY did the same thing. Well, it was a different opportunity, but, same mindset. Being too overly cautious. I originally wrote this on December 31, 2008. The current missed opportunity borders along the same lines, but, an entirely different scenario. Actually, it was a decision that i felt would be beneficial long term but, knowing what i know now, i should have thought short term. The short term benefits would have made a GREAT time. i would have had more fun, more action and probably more to write about!  Continue reading “Missed Opportunities…..”


EmptinessWhat’s worse than feeling lonely? In my opinion, emptiness is something that digs deeper in your soul. You can be lonely and still be fine. There are many people who are ok with being lonely. I know people who aren’t lonely but have emptiness.
  1. 1.
    the state of containing nothing.
    “the vast emptiness of space”

    Continue reading “Emptiness….”