The Art of Public Play

public playi am not one to play in public, PERIOD! It’s not something i actively participate in, although i AM a voyeur and enjoy watching public play, it’s just that i don’t want to play in public, simple. i have been in the scene for 25 years and i am ALWAYS asked that question on a regular basis. ‘How come you don’t play in public, Why don’t you play at parties?’ Well, everyone has a fetish and needs and wants. If someone feels comfortable doing what they do in public, then by all means, i salute you! But, just because you enjoy doing so in public, doesn’t mean i have to as well. That’s absurd! Continue reading “The Art of Public Play”

Can i Be On Call To Be Abused?

mo1hshseu61s6xlsho1_500So, i am constantly thinking, ok, maybe i’ll call it fantasizing, of what i’d like to do or how i’d like to be used by a Woman. Now, don’t get it twisted, i know there are Pro Dommes, Financial Dommes and just Women Who just take advantage of any man They can get Their hands on (And, if You are reading this incorrectly, don’t blame me as i am NOT looping all of these Women into one category, i am just using examples to make a point, so PLEASE read what is being written…..). No, i’m not talking about that type of using as that will never be me (Whether it’s because i don’t have that type of cash or because i am just that smart to NOT give a Woman money just because She says so, that’s what my future wife’s role is! lol). But, i have a constant feeling of being used and abused by a Woman for the sheer enjoyment of Her being able to use and abuse me without me expecting or wanting anything in return. Continue reading “Can i Be On Call To Be Abused?”

my First Encounter As Her Toy… (Conclusion)

Encountermy First Encounter As Her Toy…

i lick my lips, say a quick prayer to myself and then She says, ‘How come I don’t feel your tongue?!?’ i then started licking Her inner thigh, as i smell Her moistness, i bring my fingers up to start playing with Her clitoris. She starts to moan as i lightly touch Her lips and i bring my tongue closer to Her pussy. She brings Her hand to the back of my head and pushes me further into Her and I get the message and start kissing Her lips. i can tell by the movement of Her hips that She is ready for me to really start doing my job. As i am licking and sucking Her, i am sticking my finger in the top of Her pussy and trying my best to make Her cum. She squeezes my head with Her powerful thighs and this tells me that I am hitting a spot She enjoys. So I concentrate on it by nibbling, sucking and licking, while sticking my finger in Her until She starts to moan more. Then as i am sucking all Her moisture, She tugs on my hair and then squeezes my head harder and i can hardly breathe, but i continue knowing that She is about to cum and after a couple more minutes, She cums on my face, lets out a slight yell and then pushes me away from Her as She starts to rub Her own pussy. Continue reading “my First Encounter As Her Toy… (Conclusion)”

A Fantasy…

FantasyThis scene plays in my mind daily. Why? i want to be enslaved by Women. i’ve envisioned being imprisoned, for whatever reason, by sadistic, no-nonsense Women Who are so powerful that a look can intimidate the biggest of any man. This scene plays out in a way that i can not escape because the Women have it in a way where escape is futile. And even if You make an attempt, the punishment is so severe that it’s worse than dying! Continue reading “A Fantasy…”

my First Encounter As Her Toy…

First Encounteri awaken with anticipation as this is my first day as the official ‘boy toy’ of my new Mistress. She instructs me to be at Her place at noon, so this gives me time to shake off all the butterflies currently in my stomach. i am finally in the dream position. i have been thinking about this position for many years now and i have the opportunity to not only fulfill my fantasy but to hopefully fulfill Hers! After all, my goal is to fulfill Her fantasy, at any and all costs. i will only be happy if She is happy…. Continue reading “my First Encounter As Her Toy…”

Yes, You Can Use my Face For Your Pleasure….

Ass WorshipFacesitting is not my thing…. But, amazingly, the thought of having my face engulfed in some Woman’s ass is intriguing. The way i look at it, smelly, nasty shit comes out of the hole, so why should i want to be involved with it in any way? The body is getting rid of things from that hole for a reason, why should i go near it? But, alas, the fascination of being under or maybe it’s the inferiority complex that one would have in serving a Superior Woman. What more humiliating task puts the accent on submitting to One Who is Superior to you? Continue reading “Yes, You Can Use my Face For Your Pleasure….”

Vore Fantasies…

VorePart of Dominance to me, dwells on anything that would put me in a subservient position or places the Woman in a position of power. There are fantasies and scenarios that, of course, will never happen but it still fascinates me in my mind as far as fantasizing about it often.

One of these fantasies is being shrunken or being captured by a Giant Woman. Not only being caught by a Giant Woman, but, a Giant Woman Who is anxious to devour me as a meal. i fantasize of being trapped by a hungry Giantess Who is hungry to have my flesh in Her mouth. Hungry to taste my blood, hungry to eat me, but not only eat me, but eat me alive. There is the sadism in Her to have me feel Her teeth rip into my skin, to watch me plead and suffer while She sucks on the blood, crunch my bones, to feel me actually lose my life in Her mouth. Continue reading “Vore Fantasies…”