Face Abuse

Face AbuseThe screams coming out of my mouth is music to Her ears. As She has me tied from the ceiling with my arms extended over me, She has FULL access to my body. My flesh is Hers. She has that sparkle in Her eye which means trouble for me. I know this may be the end for me. She wants me to fight as it makes Her more excited. I know this much about Her. If I fight it or if I give up completely, She still wins. It’s all a matter of the enjoyment She will get from the actions leading up to my demise. Continue reading “Face Abuse”


my Predator…

PredatorShe enjoys playing the predator… Her aggressiveness is what drew me to Her. Well, actually, that pretty smile, nice, muscular legs and the way She carries Herself is what got my attention. The aggressive nature was a definite turn on! She turned heads where ever She appeared… Men AND women tended to do a double take whenever she passed by and i was no exception! Continue reading “my Predator…”