Sexual Abuse

AbuseThe thought of being sexually abused is both frightening and exciting. But, it may not go in the way i would anticipate or hope for. In my mind, i enjoy role reversal to the max. Well, not only in my mind, but, in general. i take on the role of always being subservient to the sexual needs and wants of the One who owns me. To pleasure Her at any given time at Her direction, for as long as She wants me to. If my efforts aren’t to Her liking, She punishes me until i get it right. And even when i get it right, it is Her right to punish me because She just may want to. Continue reading “Sexual Abuse”


The Conquering

The ConqueringWhat She doesn’t realize is that when i challenge Her, i am actually challenging myself… i never want to win….. i just want any and everything that i ever imagined, to be realized and then surpassed… i go to Her, knowing She can take me beyond my limits… And then bring me to Hers…. i can’t be conquered if She is afraid of conquering…

i REALLY want my fears to be realized… i NEED to fear Her… What good is submitting when She doesn’t want someone to submit to Her? Continue reading “The Conquering”

My Journey of Dominance

JourneyWhat started out as a mutual liking changed the mindset and life of a young man in terms of sexuality and preference. I was seeing a young lady and while in her dorm room, she whispered in my ear, ‘I wanna tie you up…’ and little did I know that those few words would change my life. As a ‘sane’ man, it is unheard of (At least at that point in time) that I would want to be tied up or do anything that is deemed perverted or weird. ‘That’s for sick people,’ is what I thought then, but, she was cute and she said it sooooooo seductively that, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t say no. So, after tying my hands over my head and attaching it to her headboard, she teased me, then, in an instant, she turned to an evil look and started pinching my nipples.  I got so hard that I was confused, yet, so turned on! I was actually mesmerized with being immobilized and at her mercy and although we didn’t have sex that night, at the time, it was the BEST night of my life and I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. I think when I drove home, I was still hard and I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind of being at the mercy of a woman. Continue reading “My Journey of Dominance”

Can I Really Stand It? (Conclusion)

Can ICan I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 2)

I am resting, barely, when She makes Her return to her little ‘terrordome’ that She has placed me in. I am excited by Her appearance but I am afraid of Her lust! She knows this all too well. I feel Her feeling me. She has experienced all that I am experiencing, for She was once a willing victim to Her own Master. She touches my body. That touch can make me do anything for this young beauty. ANYTHING! She loves the expressions I give Her when I am at Her mercy! She smiles once again with the knowledge that more torment is about to come my way. Continue reading “Can I Really Stand It? (Conclusion)”

The Awakening

AwakeningLife is all about choices. Some do you good, others take you off the direction of where you feel you’re supposed to go. There is a choice to make.

The intricacies of unfulfilled fantasies starts to take its toll on a creative mind. The prospects of engaging in challenging scenarios makes anything else seem mundane. The passing thoughts of the day tends to border on extreme play based on not playing much (or at all). The mindset of actually creating that explicit scene dwells on how far the imagination can take you. And, trust, one has been taken beyond the thoughts of insanity, only because, well, there’s a creative template on the soul. Continue reading “The Awakening”