The Conquering

The ConqueringWhat She doesn’t realize is that when i challenge Her, i am actually challenging myself… i never want to win….. i just want any and everything that i ever imagined, to be realized and then surpassed… i go to Her, knowing She can take me beyond my limits… And then bring me to Hers…. i can’t be conquered if She is afraid of conquering…

i REALLY want my fears to be realized… i NEED to fear Her… What good is submitting when She doesn’t want someone to submit to Her? Continue reading “The Conquering”


The Purpose……

The Purpose

my thoughts are like a runaway train…  You don’t know when or if it’s gonna stop, even if it slows down. When it comes to anything BDSM-related, my imagination ranges from the most extreme to the most impossible at times. Either way, in my mind, it’s just right and would be enjoyable if i can do it!

With a lot of scenarios that play out in my head, i would probably get committed or just simply, die. Even the way i die would be amazing, but, probably physically impossible. Doesn’t matter, it’s in my head, so, it always works! i’ve written many ‘fantasies’ over the years and probably wrote about 3 as i was writing this in my mind. i think some of you, based on reading some of my recent stories, would be impressed and/or intrigued. i’ve been having too many thoughts as of late and i need an outlet to express a few. Continue reading “The Purpose……”