The Demented Thoughts

Demented ThoughtsThe Demented Thoughts are what draws me to Her. Not necessarily the thoughts itself, but more so, the creativity behind those thoughts. Being depraved is one thing, having a depraved way of doing things is what makes it exciting….

my thoughts border extreme, but Hers border beyond extreme! The stuff you see in the sickest horror movies You’ve watched. And yet, i secretly want Her to do some of them to me. Keyword: SECRETLY….. Continue reading “The Demented Thoughts”


The Next One

NextShe’s sitting on the edge of the bed, admiring my stoic stance as I look into Her eyes. Her athletic legs inches from my body. The ache that I am feeling is due to those muscular calves being within reach. And I am unable to feel the muscularity and the femininity of them. She knows this. She enjoys teasing me beyond belief. She definitely has a hard, sadistic, evilness to Her, yet, has the face, body and mannerisms of the most elegant Queen. She understands Her power and knows that it’s one of my weaknesses. Of course, She takes advantage EVERY TIME, even when She sends me photos of Her and Her magnificent legs. Anyway….. Continue reading “The Next One”

Can i Be On Call To Be Abused?

mo1hshseu61s6xlsho1_500So, i am constantly thinking, ok, maybe i’ll call it fantasizing, of what i’d like to do or how i’d like to be used by a Woman. Now, don’t get it twisted, i know there are Pro Dommes, Financial Dommes and just Women Who just take advantage of any man They can get Their hands on (And, if You are reading this incorrectly, don’t blame me as i am NOT looping all of these Women into one category, i am just using examples to make a point, so PLEASE read what is being written…..). No, i’m not talking about that type of using as that will never be me (Whether it’s because i don’t have that type of cash or because i am just that smart to NOT give a Woman money just because She says so, that’s what my future wife’s role is! lol). But, i have a constant feeling of being used and abused by a Woman for the sheer enjoyment of Her being able to use and abuse me without me expecting or wanting anything in return. Continue reading “Can i Be On Call To Be Abused?”

The Anticipated Session (Part 2)

SessionThe Anticipated Session

This officially starts my servitude as She slowly circles me like a vulture circles its next meal. i nervously try to stay still as She lightly touches me with those beautiful hands and perfect manicured fingernails. i jump as She inspects my flesh for Her amusement. She inhales the fumes in the cigarettes. She blows it back in my face as She tweaks my nipples. She stops and pulls harder to cause my discomfort for Her pleasure. She slaps my face, lightly at first, but intensifying the blows as i look heavenly into Her eyes. She stops, grabs my face, then takes a drag of Her cigarette and then tells me to open my mouth. She blows the smoke directly in my mouth as if She was giving me a wet kiss, but without touching my lips. The smoke of the cigarette tongue-kissing my mouth as i swallow all She has to give me as this goes on until half Her cigarette is gone. She teases me with the smoke and it tastes like heaven, if heaven had a taste that would smell like the smoke of Ms. Jennifer. Continue reading “The Anticipated Session (Part 2)”

The Anticipated Session

sessionJennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer….. Yes, i had to say it three times because i can’t get Her out of my mind and i would have it no other way! i am a natural submissive who needs to submit to a natural Dominant and i couldn’t have found a more natural Domme than Ms. Jennifer. i had heard of the ‘legend’ of Ms. Jennifer and i had to find out myself or risk losing out on a grand opportunity. And i am glad i reached out to Her. i emailed Her initially to see how She would respond and She answered right away, which left me feeling a little easier. We then proceeded to set up the first phone conversation to discuss common interests and to set up our initial appointment so that i could start my training under Her supervision if She would have me. Continue reading “The Anticipated Session”

Further Away….

DdLooking for that person you want to experience life with is as easy as it is difficult. Easy because you have an idea of who it is you want. Difficult because, if you’re like me, you may not find that perfect, exact fit. More than likely, you want to get as many of the qualities, characteristics and traits you’ve imagined your idea mate to have. Continue reading “Further Away….”

A Day… (Conclusion)

One Day

A Day… (Part 1)

She is sipping Her beverage and working on Her computer as I massage Her legs and feet. For the moment, She acts as if I am not there, even making several phone calls as I steadily feel Her legs. I’m making sure She is as comfortable as She can be and pausing every now and then to kiss Her feet and legs, showing my appreciation. After some time, She requests a shoulder massage as She is typing on Her computer. I am rubbing Her shoulders, back and Her head. She is smiling and at one point, She picks up Her phone to call a friend to tell Her about Her new ‘assistant’ who started today and tells Her that She may not let me leave if I continue to do the good things I was doing. This makes me smile as all types of thoughts flow through my head and I continue to give Her a nice massage. Continue reading “A Day… (Conclusion)”