my Predator…

PredatorShe enjoys playing the predator… Her aggressiveness is what drew me to Her. Well, actually, that pretty smile, nice, muscular legs and the way She carries Herself is what got my attention. The aggressive nature was a definite turn on! She turned heads where ever She appeared… Men AND women tended to do a double take whenever she passed by and i was no exception! Continue reading “my Predator…”


The Next One

NextShe’s sitting on the edge of the bed, admiring my stoic stance as I look into Her eyes. Her athletic legs inches from my body. The ache that I am feeling is due to those muscular calves being within reach. And I am unable to feel the muscularity and the femininity of them. She knows this. She enjoys teasing me beyond belief. She definitely has a hard, sadistic, evilness to Her, yet, has the face, body and mannerisms of the most elegant Queen. She understands Her power and knows that it’s one of my weaknesses. Of course, She takes advantage EVERY TIME, even when She sends me photos of Her and Her magnificent legs. Anyway….. Continue reading “The Next One”

My Journey of Dominance

JourneyWhat started out as a mutual liking changed the mindset and life of a young man in terms of sexuality and preference. I was seeing a young lady and while in her dorm room, she whispered in my ear, ‘I wanna tie you up…’ and little did I know that those few words would change my life. As a ‘sane’ man, it is unheard of (At least at that point in time) that I would want to be tied up or do anything that is deemed perverted or weird. ‘That’s for sick people,’ is what I thought then, but, she was cute and she said it sooooooo seductively that, even if I wanted to, I couldn’t say no. So, after tying my hands over my head and attaching it to her headboard, she teased me, then, in an instant, she turned to an evil look and started pinching my nipples.  I got so hard that I was confused, yet, so turned on! I was actually mesmerized with being immobilized and at her mercy and although we didn’t have sex that night, at the time, it was the BEST night of my life and I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. I think when I drove home, I was still hard and I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind of being at the mercy of a woman. Continue reading “My Journey of Dominance”

The Anticipated Session (Conclusion)

AnticipatedThe Anticipated Session (Part 2)

i then begin to kiss those magnificent toes and while doing so, i was engulfed in the aroma of Her feet. i almost passed out from the thought of the activity that i am doing as i am still in disbelief that i am being allowed to do so with the heavenly Ms. Jennifer. my enthusiasm was such that, that as i am kissing both Her feet, my fingers start to move up to Her legs, massaging Them while kissing Her feet. She kicks me and asks me if i had permission to touch Her legs? As i was embarrassed for doing so prematurely, She smiled and stated that since i am doing such a great job, i can continue rubbing Her legs. This got me back on track and as i sustained the movement of my fingers, i moved up to Her thighs (With the look of Her approval) and She stopped me and stood up and then motioned me to continue. As i am on my knees, i am still in disbelief that i am in the presence of Ms. Jennifer and not only in Her presence, but serving Her in the way that i envisioned only in my fantasies.

As i see Her looking down on me with appreciation, She tells me that since i have been such a good boy, that i will be bestowed the honor of actually smelling Her ass. What?!?!? Did i hear correctly? Ms. Jennifer is allowing me the privilege of smelling Her ass. i took so long to respond that she slapped me in the face and asked me what was wrong with me. That slap knocked me back into reality and i quickly went to take in the fragrance of Ms. Jennifer. My nose is literally inches from Her ass and i don’t want to take the chance of offending Her in any way or doing something i am not allowed to do. i approach cautiously but with delight! i am sniffing all around Her ass and taking in the natural smell of my Goddess when She instructs me to lie on the floor face up. Without hesitation, i lie on the floor at Ms. Jennifer’s instruction and She tells me that a treat is in store for me. As I smiled, She walked over to me, strategically placed Her ass directly over my face and slowly lowered Her ass and She sat on my face.

Oh My GAWD! Too many thoughts are going through my head as the epitome of my service is reaching its pinnacle. She is moving Her ass on my face and although i am having difficulty breathing, i am still fascinated by the action that is taking place. i hear Her voice but i am so entrenched that it doesn’t register. She lifts Her ass and says that She has one more final treat in order. As She stands up, i notice She is adjusting Her ‘seating’ position. i respectfully asked Her what was She about to do. She stated that She was giving me a treat for being so good. i again asked what is She talking about? She eluded that She was about to let me engulf Her liquid. i was surprised and shocked because i didn’t expect this nor have i ever had a golden shower before, so it made me even more nervous. Being the Goddess that She is, She did noticed i was a tad uncomfortable. She smiled and asked was it my first time and i replied that it was and that smile turned into a grin as She told me to relax, open my mouth and enjoy the fruits of my labor. She started to squat and as i open my mouth, i wait in anticipation. She lowers Herself even more and i feel the first tinkle and wait for the rest, hoping i don’t drown in Her golden stream. She then lets it out slowly, allowing me to catch every drop and then She lets it flow more and then it comes down a little harder. i try in vain to catch every drop, but i may have missed a couple as i savored every drop that taste even more delicious than i ever imagined! When the flow stops, She bends down a little closer, then rises up quickly and as i am smiling from ear to ear, She looks just as satisfied and instructs me to clean up and i watched those long legs walk away.


A Day…. (Part 1)

A DayI imagine being summoned for slave duty and arriving at my Mistress’ house for the day. When I arrive, I greet my Mistress by kissing both Her feet until She is satisfied with my approach. I then get up on Her instruction and I proceed to enter Her place behind Her. I am then told to put on my leash and collar and to either take off my clothes and strip down to my underwear, no clothes at all or in a uniform of Her choosing, depending on Her mood for the day. I do as I am told and proceed to disrobe as She watches me fold my clothes and place it out of view. I am given instructions to never look Her in the face unless directed to and to make sure I am attentive to Her needs and wants. I am to be on my knees at all times or below Her unless instructed otherwise. I agree to all She says. Continue reading “A Day…. (Part 1)”

How Did This Happen? (Conclusion)


How Did This Happen? (Part 1)

How Did This Happen? (Part 2)

She then told me to stay at the position that I was in. She left the room and went to play some music. This scared me. Was She turning up the music so no one could hear me scream? What was She up to? She came back and asked me if I thought She would be this stern? I quickly answered no and left it at that. She smiled and said that She is a sadist. That scared me. She said She enjoyed seeing a man in intense pain. She only gets wet when seeing a man beg for mercy. She can only become horny when seeing a man in torment because of Her. She asked me if I wanted to leave. She quickly stated to answer the question correctly for this is the MOST important decision in my young life. I didn’t hesitate! I quickly said I will stay for as long as She wanted me to. She smiled and said, “Good Answer!” Continue reading “How Did This Happen? (Conclusion)”

How Did This Happen? (Part 2)

HowHow Did This Happen? (Part 1)

That was our initial meeting. This is our first experience together: After exchanging fantasies for several days, we decide to finally see if the other was as serious as we both admitted. She invited me to Her place and instructed me to bring Her flowers and an open mind. I told Her okay and I was on my way. Although we had never stated if either one of us has tried it, I wouldn’t and couldn’t tell Her that this would be my first encounter. I was under the impression that this was also Her first experience with Domination. Continue reading “How Did This Happen? (Part 2)”