The Next One

NextShe’s sitting on the edge of the bed, admiring my stoic stance as I look into Her eyes. Her athletic legs inches from my body. The ache that I am feeling is due to those muscular calves being within reach. And I am unable to feel the muscularity and the femininity of them. She knows this. She enjoys teasing me beyond belief. She definitely has a hard, sadistic, evilness to Her, yet, has the face, body and mannerisms of the most elegant Queen. She understands Her power and knows that it’s one of my weaknesses. Of course, She takes advantage EVERY TIME, even when She sends me photos of Her and Her magnificent legs. Anyway….. Continue reading “The Next One”


Sexual Abuse

AbuseThe thought of being sexually abused is both frightening and exciting. But, it may not go in the way i would anticipate or hope for. In my mind, i enjoy role reversal to the max. Well, not only in my mind, but, in general. i take on the role of always being subservient to the sexual needs and wants of the One who owns me. To pleasure Her at any given time at Her direction, for as long as She wants me to. If my efforts aren’t to Her liking, She punishes me until i get it right. And even when i get it right, it is Her right to punish me because She just may want to. Continue reading “Sexual Abuse”


i know whenever i see or look at certain images and/or photos, i get excited at what it may mean to me as i view it. This particular image is a turn on for me because i DO fantasize of actually being owned in every sense of the word and having a ceremony to mark the occasion! To be given strict rules, protocols and instructions would test my tolerance as well as my commitment to my Owner. Maybe one day……

The Need To Be Taken

The NeedIs it too much to ask to find someone compatible with my needs?

Will i ever fulfill the dreams and goals that’s been crossing my mind for many years now in order to satisfy my urge to please?

Can i find someone who has an equal and/or greater thirst for me than i have for Her?

May i get the chance to motivate Her to engulf me into Her world for Her pleasure? Continue reading “The Need To Be Taken”