Orally Pleasing

OrallyIt takes just one time…. The taste of the moistness drives me crazy. The action and movement of my tongue drives Her wild. The connection gets stronger each time She allows the tongue to dance with the clit! The goal? Drive Her crazier than She already is…. To make Her look at me as if i am one big tongue specifically for Her use… i don’t want Her to be able to walk. Not at all… When i’m done, i want Her to be so immobilized that She CAN’T move. Continue reading “Orally Pleasing”


The Taste of Moistness

MoistnessThey have said the thirst is real…  i am living proof of that. There is nothing sweeter than having the wetness of a Woman in my mouth. The steps taken to get a Woman to the point of Her gaining excitement on a sexual level is one i do enjoy. The attraction is natural. It’s the action that brings Her to the point of wanting me inside of Her. OR, at the very least, wanting my tongue, finger, any object that will help satisfy Her sensual urges. Continue reading “The Taste of Moistness”

Having Somewhere To Eat

Somewhere to eatSo, my submissive mind is always thinking about how i can properly serve and please my Domme. It fascinates me knowing that if i am pleasing Her in the way She expects, deserves and desires, then the goals are being met in the subjugation of me and the empowerment of Her. Of course, outside of the Pro Domme aspect, in the mind of a lifestyle sub, this can and does enter into realms deemed illegal and immoral, the thoughts of submitting in ways that is mutually beneficial. Continue reading “Having Somewhere To Eat”

A Day…. (Part 1)

A DayI imagine being summoned for slave duty and arriving at my Mistress’ house for the day. When I arrive, I greet my Mistress by kissing both Her feet until She is satisfied with my approach. I then get up on Her instruction and I proceed to enter Her place behind Her. I am then told to put on my leash and collar and to either take off my clothes and strip down to my underwear, no clothes at all or in a uniform of Her choosing, depending on Her mood for the day. I do as I am told and proceed to disrobe as She watches me fold my clothes and place it out of view. I am given instructions to never look Her in the face unless directed to and to make sure I am attentive to Her needs and wants. I am to be on my knees at all times or below Her unless instructed otherwise. I agree to all She says. Continue reading “A Day…. (Part 1)”