i Don’t Want to be a Masochist

Don't Wanna Be a Masochisti used to describe myself as a lite masochist many years ago. And, before that, i thought i was actually a masochist, until admitting such would land me in BIG trouble with many Sadists at the time. The masochistic ways i had earned as a young sub, was done so at a time where most Dommes knew nothing but sadism. i got into the scene with an interest in just serving and being useful for the Ones i served. Coincidentally, the first dungeon i became a houseboy at, had primarily Sadistic players working there. Damn, i can still feel my ass burning from all the abuse it was given at the time…. Continue reading “i Don’t Want to be a Masochist”


The Intensity

10654857_1548474422039727_489585070_nWhenever the mind conceives the thought and imagery of pain, in theory, at least in the BDSM realm I’ve entered, it’s intriguing. In fact, it’s needed when the One You choose to submit to, enjoys inflicting it. The images I’ve encountered in my imagination, real and imagined, are always built on intensity. I once thought I enjoyed pain. But, I found out it’s more about the touch and/or progression from light to hard that I found interesting. When I am in pain, it’s not usually a great feeling nor is it enjoyable. So, it must be the intensity behind the actual receiving of the pain. The abuse of the flesh and also the mind. Continue reading “The Intensity”

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

happenAs I followed Her to the dungeon, She slyly looks back at me promising with Her eyes, the torture I’m about to endure at Her hands. She looked absolutely stunning in Her 5 inch high heel boots, perfectly manicured nails, pretty, long hair and just the most magnificent face imaginable! But with that look in Her eyes, I just knew that innocent look wouldn’t excuse the evilness lurking inside Her mind!!!  Continue reading “Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)”